The Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

So once again I disappeared from blog land for weeks.  I made a quick trip to Missouri to visit family and that meant blogging took a back seat.  Let’s face it, I’m a terrible blogger.  One of these days I will get my act together.  Hopefully some of you will still be here when I get my act together.

Today I want to share a quilt I made for the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.  I’m calling my entry “Me and My Shadow.”


I really wanted to make a peacock but as I was drawing, it looked more and more like a duck.  So I changed it to a bird and my husband came home and said “you draw really good chickens.”  Ugh.  Really?   Maybe I should trade him in…

I used the fabrics from the challenge for the appliquéd bird and I quilted a mirror image bird.  I really love how it turned out.  In fact, I think I might enter this one in the local quilt show in October.



I used a beautiful orange Moda cross weave on the back.


You can see that I used lots of batting.  The appliquéd bird actually has 3 layers, not by design.  When I stitched the appliqué down I thought it would be smart to sew it to a layer of batting for extra lift.  Then I realized I was going to layer batting when I quilted it which meant 3 layers of batting for the appliquéd bird. That was fun to quilt.  I used a layer of Quilter’s Dream Poly with a layer of Quilter’s Dream Puff on top.  It definitely has poof.

birds3I decided to make a random binding using white and one of the prints that was sent to me.  I love how it turned out.  I’m pretty proud of myself because random is very hard for me.  I’m a planner.

My birds ended up being 35.5″ by 51.5.”  I used Aurifil to piece and appliqué, So Fine for the quilting, and of course my favorite batting, Quilter’s Dream!

I hope you all like my peacock-duck-bird-chicken!


31 thoughts on “The Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Fabric Challenge”

  1. Your quilt is bound to draw plenty of attention. The appliqué, the design, the quilting…all are done so beautifully.

  2. This is stunning! Definitely enter it in shows. I love the texture it has and I think the 3 layers of batting under the bird were a great design choice.

  3. I love it! Great design and great quilting. Absolutely, you should enter this quilt into EVERY show possible.

  4. Naw, that is a magical mystery bird!!! I really like it, very clever! and as to blogging, I receive it in the email, so get a blog when ever you make one. I don’t mind breaks in it, as it keeps them interesting and gives you time for life and quilting. Don’t buy into the must blog all the time lie. We all are busy too and will wait for your blogs happily.

  5. Beautiful! Your design and especially your quilting makes the quilt beyond fabulous! Maybe you should post a video on how you quilt those incredible swirls!

  6. Beautiful, and psychedelic! Reminds me of the 70s. And I like that you named it Me and My Shadow, and then took a picture of it with a big shadow of a tree on your fence in the background . . . Cool man.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I’m still plugging away at mine, not quite sure if i’ll finish in time, but having a good time trying. Nothing as beautiful as yours, though.

  8. Vicki, It was wonderful to see your quilts on Wednesday. This quilt is breathtaking, and I look forward to seeing it again at the Desert Quilter’s of NV, upcoming Show!

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