Returning to Blogging…if I Remember How

So much has happened since I last blogged.  I don’t even really know where to start.  So I guess I’ll just back track to last year and all the changes my family has faced.  This is relevant because it’s why I quit blogging, for the most part.

Last year was a very stressful year for our family.  My husband retired from the Air Force after serving 21 years.  Although retiring is awesome and exciting, it was very very stressful.  We had so many choices to make about the rest of our life.  It was overwhelming.  Where would we live?  What would he do?  What would I do?  What about our college aged daughter?  What about our son?   My husband was very fortunate to get a job offer from his first interview.  It was awesome and scary.  It meant moving 1,000 miles away and being very far from most of our family, including our daughter.  She decided to stay in Texas.  Ugh (I wasn’t ready).

The rest of us packed up and headed west to Las Vegas.  We had to recruit my wonderful mother in law to help drive.  Hubby drove the Penske pulling a trailer, I was in his pick up pulling a trailer, and she drove my VW.  Yes, we do have way too many vehicles.  It was a very long 1,000 miles.  My son was lucky enough to spend his 11th birthday riding cross country.  He was not thrilled.

We arrived in Vegas and immediately focused on buying a house.  Well, we had basically bought the house before we ever moved.  That’s not stressful at all.  Buying a house without seeing it in person is a great idea (insert sarcasm here).   I immediately had cold feet when we toured the house for the first time.  The realtor was not amused.  We quickly asked to look around a little more before we decided.  We were supposed to close within days.  After seeing some other options I felt better about the house we picked.  Turns out, we did really well picking a house sight unseen.  But I probably won’t do that again.  Ever.

Looking back, I think it all happened this way for a reason.  I never had enough time to focus on any one thing for long.  I wasn’t dwelling on leaving Hannah behind because I was stressed about moving.  I couldn’t freak out about buying a house long distance because I was distracted by the thought of leaving Hannah.  I didn’t have time to worry about driving 1,000 miles because I kept thinking how far I would be form my mom.  I was barely holding it together.  I’m finally feeling like life might be normal again.  It’s definitely a new normal but I’m adjusting.

Blogging wasn’t on my radar for months.  I just didn’t care.  Plus I was lazy.  I discovered Instagram and I must say I love the instant gratification.  I can snap a picture and post it and I’m done.  No photo editing.  No lengthy posts.  I’ve decided to slowly get back into blogging with a once a week goal for now.  I may change that at some point but I know I need to start slow.

I have lots of quilting to share.  Moving to Vegas has opened a lot of opportunities for me that I never expected.  I’m very excited for what’s to come.  And we are adjusting to retired life, although I’m not sure how we will ever live in one location long term.  It’s just such a weird thought.

Orchid Owl Quilts Logo RGB Web Lo ResIsn’t my new logo super cute?  I need to figure out how to get it uploaded!

Happy Friday!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Returning to Blogging…if I Remember How”

  1. Hi Vicki. It is so good to hear from you again. How exciting and SCARY all of this must be for you. I know the hardest part must be leaving behind all the people you love. I really hope everything works out for you. I am really looking forward to seeing what you have been doing.

  2. judy Blinkenberg

    Welcome back to blogging! You Have been busy. I glad you are doing better.
    I haven’t blogged in a long time and I’m ok with it!! I haven’t moved but I’m busy with my chickens and just a little sewing. I am guilty of not even looking at Instagram!!

  3. I can remember what it was like to go from military life so structured to civilian with so many unknowns. Takes a while to adjust but its another exciting chapter 🙂 I can also relate to house buying unseen hahahahaah it all works out and Im a big believer that things happen for a reason 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering what became of your blog (and you of course). I’m ashamed to say the reason I think about you so often is because of my unfinished Texas Teardrops quilt blocks!!
    Glad you’re back and adjusting to your new home.

  5. Missed you and I’m glad you are back! You certainly have had a zillion changes in your live in the last year, but I’m glad everything is working out for you! Lots of quilt guilds in Las Vegas!!! I hope my daughter’s purchase of a house long distance is as good as yours – the Army is sending her to Hawaii and my 28 year old is dropping some serious change on a house over there – and she wants mom to go over when the inspector goes through the house (gee, I guess I can manage to go over to Hawaii, right?). Once a week is good timing to shoot for with the blog and I can’t wait to see any quilting you have managed to fit it!

  6. Hey the fact that you’re finding time to sew is a huge accomplishment. That was a ton that you went through and I for one am just happy to see you back.

  7. Hi, Vicki! I just discovered you (happily!) on Christa’s blog. Your quilts are gorgeous! I can relate to retiring–although it didn’t mean a move (what a move!) like yours. Two retirees under the same roof is a challenge that I’m still trying to figure out. But quilting seems to be a great way to keep things on an even keel (I say as a newbie to quilting who doesn’t have many quilts under my belt yet). Just looking through books, reading blogs and dreaming of the next quilt is very soothing. Hope Hannah made the move safely!

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