We are your source for INNOVA longarm quilting machines

We are a full-service dealer of INNOVA® Longarm Quilting systems for the Southern Nevada region. We offer in-depth training, repair and a community for INNOVA owners.  We would love to add you to our family of INNOVA longarm owners.  We’re here to support you and ensure you love your new machine.

Come on in and test drive an INNOVA today.  Having trouble deciding on which machine would best fit your needs?  We can help!  We’re here to help you figure out which INNOVA longarm system makes the most sense with your goals.  We have ten years of longarm quilting experience.  We want you to succeed and we’re committed to making that happen.

INNOVA Longarm Quilting machines are manufactured by ABM International, a four-generation family owned and operated business near Houston, Texas, since 1947. Based on a long-term commitment to excellence, ABM International manufactures a full array of high quality quilting machines engineered to meet the most discerning quilter’s needs.

You can configure your new INNOVA longarm right here!


18″ INNOVA with Pantovision

Hi. I’m Marsha!

I’m ready to help you finish all those quilt tops you have laying around!  Don’t be scared…Vicki & Hannah are here to help you.  You will be required to take a two-hour certification class.  In this class, you will learn how to load a quilt and the basics of operating an INNOVA.  Please rent me!  If you don’t I’ll just be hanging out at the shop lonely.

I’m also equipped with Pantovision, a digitized pantograph guidance system.  If you’re too shy to try freehand quilting you can start with using Pantovision.  It’s the perfect way to easily finish all those quilt tops!

Learn more about 18″ INNOVA Rent me!

22″ INNOVA with Navigator

Hi. I’m Chloe!

I love helping Vicki & Hannah finish edge-to-edge quilting for customers.  My Navigator system makes running edge-to-edge designs a breeze.  I’m INNOVA’s number one selling machine!  My 22″ throat is the perfect size and allows you to quilt a 12″ block set on point without having to advance your quilt.

My Lightning Stitch stitch regulator is top notch!  You won’t find another regulator on the market that even comes close to what I can do.  My stitches are perfect all the time.  Come test drive me and find out for yourself.

Learn more about 22″ INNOVA Machine-photos-Chloe-22-INNOVA_Navigator-sq Machine-photos-Chester-M24-sq


Hi. I’m Chester!

I love to quilt everything!  I’m perfect for freehand quilting or you could add an Autopilot Mach 3 system and do all kinds of fun stuff.  My amazing LED lights will blow your mind.  I have a built-in blacklight and needle laser.  I even have adjustable handles.  My sleek modern design is sure to please.

Learn more about INNOVA M24

26″ INNOVA with Autopilot Mach 3

Hi. I’m Mr. Heckles!

I love to run edge-to-edge designs all day, everyday.  I’m a work horse and I can quilt through anything.  Literally.  I’m the choice for professional quilters because I will increase your productivity and efficiency.  My AutoPilot Mach 3 computer system is capable of so many features including, masking, morphing, and much more.  You really should check me out and see what I can do.  I promise to make your life easier.

Learn more about 26″ INNOVA

Grand Format Embroidery

I’m also equipped with Grand Format Embroidery.  With the addition of this component the INNOVA AutoPilot Mach 3 system becomes a hoop free embroidery system!

Learn more about Grand Format Embroidery Machine-Photos-Mr-Heckles-26-INNOVA-Autopilot-sq

Frequently Asked Questions about our machines

Why should I buy an INNOVA longarm over another brand? Collapse

Our top priority is to ensure that you know how to operate your INNOVA longarm.  We are available by phone or email to assist you and ABM International, Inc (manufacturer of INNOVA longarms) has a 24/7 customer service hotline.  We also provide training and ongoing support with quarterly INNOVA owner meetings when you purchase your machine.

Do INNOVA longarms have a stitch regulator? Expand

Yes!  INNOVA longarm machines have the best stitch regulator on the market, Lightning Stitch.  You will not find a better regulator.  You will always have perfect stitches no matter how fast or slow you go.

Am I going to have thread breaks while quilting? Expand

It’s possible to have occasional thread breaks.  Our rule of thumb is one thread break is no big deal.  If our thread breaks a second time we check our machine to find the cause.  Generally, we are able to quilt an entire quilt with no thread breaks.

Can I use any thread on an INNOVA longarm? Expand

Yes!  You can use any type of thread on an INNOVA.  We have used silk, Microquilter, monopoly, metallic, Omni, So Fine, INNOVATECH, Glide, Magnifico, and King Tut.  INNOVA is not limited to the threads I’ve listed; these are merely the threads we have used.   Keep in mind you may have to adjust tension and speed when using specialty threads such as silk and metallic.

Will an INNOVA longarm quilt through thick seams? Expand

Yes!  INNOVA longarms are built to quilt!  They can quilt through just about anything including thick seams, denim, and leather.  We have quilted through three layers of batting with no trouble.  The one horsepower motor is a beast!



I want to buy an INNOVA longarm but I don’t know any thing about quilting.  Expand

No problem!  When you purchase a machine from us a 3 day bootcamp is included!  You will know how to use your machine and you won’t be scared of it.  We also offer other longarm classes when you’re ready to learn more.

Are you going to take my money, deliver my machine, and disappear? Expand

Nope!  We are here to help you on your INNOVA longarm journey.   We will make sure you know how to use your machine and feel comfortable doing so.   We also have quarterly INNOVA owner meetings.  This is a time to meet other INNOVA owners and learn more about your machines.  Each meeting will address one topic of interest.  Feel free to bring Show and Tell.  We love to see what you’ve been up to.

What if I need help after bootcamp? Expand

Call us!  We’re here to help you any way we can.  You can text, call or email us anytime.  There’s also 24/7 customer service from ABM International, Inc. if you can’t reach us.

What if something happens and I need my machine repaired? Expand

We can help you.  Vicki and Rich are able to work on the machines and help you trouble shoot any issues.



Do I have to set up my own machine? Expand

No.  We will deliver and set up your machine (for a fee) and ensure it’s ready to quilt.  We set up all machines at the shop prior to delivery so we can check tension and make sure everything is in working order.  Then we deliver the machine to you and set it up.  You may elect to set it up yourself but we highly recommend having us do it for you.



Can I trade my current longarm in toward a new INNOVA? Expand

We do occasionally take trade-ins.  It really depends on what machine you have and its current condition.  Give us a call, 702-640-0057, and we can chat.

I’m ready to buy but I have no idea which machine I should get. Can you help me? Expand

No problem!  We are here to help you find the perfect machine.  We can help you determine if a computerized system makes the most sense.  We can also help you chose machine and frame size.  All of these elements are important and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need.  We’re here to help.