Remember me?

I’m hoping that you all haven’t completely forgotten about me.  Although, it wouldn’t surprise me.  I have been MIA since July.  Yikes…I don’t think I realized it had actually been that long.  I’m not gonna lie, my surgery was pretty frustrating.  My recovery took forever and included 7 weeks of physical therapy.  My therapy ended last Friday and I’m finally a fully functioning human being again.  Whew!  I was pretty worried for awhile.

I apologize for the long absence but I didn’t have much to say.  I was pretty down in the dumps and I most definitely wasn’t sewing or quilting.  So, I took a break….a long break.  But, I’m back!

I’ve been quilting.  A lot.  And I have lots to share.  I have a few pictures of my second Texas Teardrops quilt to share now.  I still need to bind it and I need better pictures of the whole quilt.  I’m waiting for decent weather so I can take it outside.  We’ve had lots of rain which is great but it puts a crimp in my outdoor pictures.  I’ll share more pictures and details as soon as I get better pictures.




In closing, I do hope you all will find your way back to my blog.  I sure do miss all of you.  And thanks to all of you who sent me notes asking if everything was ok.  I just needed a little down time, mentally and physically.

Taking the last three months off has given me lots of time to think.  Scary, I know.  I have some changes in mind for the blog like focusing more on my quilting.  I’ll still have tutorials and random other things but I really feel like quilting is starting to call my name in a rather loud way.  It feels like it’s time to narrow my focus a little.


36 thoughts on “Remember me?”

  1. Welcome back Vicki — and glad to hear that you’re doing better! Taking a break isn’t such a bad idea as sometimes we push ourselves much too hard.

    The quilting on your TT is just awesome! WOW… I can see that quilting calling your name is a good thing.

    Happy to have you back,
    Karen on Keuka

  2. Welcome back Vicki! I’m glad you’re feeling better. The rest is what you needed and now you are ready to take on the world again 😉 Your quilting looks great! Looking forward to your posts.

  3. I am so glad you are back! I love the quilting on your Texas Tear Drop. Can’t wait to see the whole thing and can’t wait to see more of your quilting in the future too. Are you still going to keep frugal Friday’s? I love snatching up some new fabric every now and again. 🙂

  4. Oh, Vickie! I am so happy to see that you are back! I have really missed you. We all need to take a break from things every once in a while and focus on what we want to do in the future. I am glad you are feeling better and ready to get back to the things you enjoy. I love your new quilt. The quilting is amazing!

  5. Welcome back! (Now I’m singing the theme to Welcome Back, Kotter…) You haven’t been forgotten, and I’m glad to hear that the worst parts of surgery and recovery are behind you. Looking forward to better day and a lot more quilty talk ahead.

  6. Welcome back to blog land! I’m a new follower through Bloglovin’ so excited to see new posts. Love the quilting on the Texas quilt. Very pretty. Do you mark first or free motion?

  7. missed you lots, but so glad to hear that all is well again. your quilt is looking fabulous. someday I will be able to FBQ like you. i have just started to step in the water so to speak. the top looks fine but the bottom needs some work. hmmm. take care and i look forward to blog posts to come.

  8. Welcome back Vicki and sometimes we all need to just step back and take a break. I’m glad that you are finally recovered from the surgery and your quilting……spectacular!!

  9. Es bueno que te hayas tomado el tiempo suficiente para recuperar tu salud, eso es lo más importante! Abrazos y bienvenidad nuevamente al mundo del quilt.

  10. I almost wrote to you a couple weeks ago to find out how you were feeling. You beat me to it. 🙂 Glad you’re back! I started on my TT quilt that I cut out when you had the sew along. Too bad I didn’t read the instructions again. I screwed up…but it’s going to turn out great. I’ll send a pic when it’s sewn together. Again, glad you’ve recovered.

  11. Oh, my! I’m so glad you are back!! I was worried about you and am happy to hear that you are back on your feet again. Glad to that you feel like you’ve found your niche and the direction you want to head down the quilting road. You surely are doing nice work. 🙂

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