Purple Fan Quilt aka The Purple People Eater

I have to say thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on my last post.  I truly feel blessed to have so many friends and fans out there who care about me.  Thank you.

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve been a busy girl.  Today, I want to share pictures of my first official commissioned quilting job.  I nicknamed this one the purple people eater because it was ginormous…98″ x 105″ to be exact.  There were 14 rows of 13 blocks, 182 blocks in all.

I knew right away how I wanted to quilt this one which is highly unusual for me.  Sometimes I stare at a quilt for days before I know what to do.  Lucky for me I had full creative authority on this one.  My customer told me to quilt it however I thought it needed to be done.

Here’s a look at half of the quilt.  It was just too big for me to get a picture of the whole thing.

Yep.  That’s only HALF the quilt.  I bounced around each fan with little bumps and then quilted some freehand swirls in the beige areas.

Here’s a closer look at the fans.

I love the subtle imperfections that freehand quilting produces.  The little bumps aren’t 100% uniform but the overall effect is rather lovely.  Even the back looks pretty amazing.

I kept the border simple.  I used purple thread and created a swirl design throughout the border.

The backing is a beige muslin and my customer provided a polyester batting.  I used So Fine beige thread for most of the top and Signature purple thread in the border.  I went through 8 bobbins of beige and 1 bobbin of purple thread.  Overall, it took me about 10 hours to complete this quilt.  I had to break it up into 3 days to give my back a little rest.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the purple people eater as much as I enjoyed quilting it.

See you soon!

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  1. Wow! Seeing the quilt as a bigger picture it really shows how intricate the quilting is! It turned out beautiful!–Linda G

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