Learning How to Sew Continues…

Monday…is it just a given that Monday’s are a pain in the rear?  I had big plans for today.  Things didn’t exactly go as planned.  In fact, I’m quite certain most of my sewing machines banded together and turned evil.  My Bernina and my Babylock decided it would be more fun to torture me than to sew.

In retrospect, I think they are just ticked off because I’ve been spending so much time with my Pfaff.  They better be careful or I might make that a permanent deal.  I wanted to get the binding on my Cuzco Hexie quilt and I made progress.  However, I didn’t quite finish it.  Oh well, tomorrow is Tuesday and hopefully it will be even more productive than today.

A few days ago or maybe a week ago {I can’t remember because my machines made me crazy today} I posted pictures of my sister, Kathy, while she was learning how to sew.  Well guess what?  She liked it so much she made some awesome Halloween Pillowcases.

Here’s a look at her progress.  I’m just so proud of her for learning how to sew.

It looks like she’s mastered the rotary cutter!

She even got to use the free arm on the Pfaff  while she was attaching the cuff.

She did an awesome job!  Two pillowcases in one afternoon.  I think she’s ready to make her first quilt!

We have a free pillowcase pattern if you would like to make one.  You can also check out the charm pack pillowcase for an alternative cuff.

I hope my machines wake up in a better mood tomorrow.  Maybe they won’t be out to get me.

6 thoughts on “Learning How to Sew Continues…”

  1. Is that a Pfaff Creative 1471? Do you FMQ with it, and if so, what presser foot do you use? I have a 171, and totally love it to pieces (well okay, this summer I did have small pieces of rubber gaskets escaping from it, but all is well now!)

    With all the new machines out there, I keep wondering if I should get a new one, but my ‘antique’ Pfaff keeps working great.

  2. Kathy did a wonderful job on her pillowcases! Pillowcases are so fun to make. I need to get a bigger cutting mat so I can lay my fabric out and cut it flat without having to fold it and hope I have the dimensions right lol.

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