Do Folks in Georgia Quilt?

The title of this post sounds a little crazy but I feel it’s a legitimate question.  Especially since we found out yesterday that we’ll be moving to Georgia!!!  Woohoo…we get to leave Texas early next spring.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Texas but I’m definitely ready to move on outta here!  Now the hard part…we have to wait a whole year to get to our new home.  It’s always exciting to move to new places and see new things.  This will be our 6th move in 19 years.

My first thought…do people in Georgia quilt?  I know.  I know.  I’m a goober.  {Mom assured me people in Georgia quilt.}  But it sure is funny how my brain immediately jumped to quilting.  How many quilt shops?  Is there a quilt guild?  Is there a modern quilt guild?  Good thing I have plenty of time to do the research.

I haven’t really done much sewing or quilting yet this week.  I think I burnt myself out last week.  I finished 2 quilts, a wall hanging, and 3 magnets in 5 days.  I haven’t really wanted to even look at a sewing machine.  But…tomorrow is a new day and I have a quilt to load.

It’s another vintage quilt top that my step mother, Linda, gave me.  Her mother pieced the top before she passed and now it’s going to be finished and gifted to the great grand babies.  This is number 2 of 5 that I will be finishing for Linda.

My biggest issue has been what to use for backing.  I’m just so stumped.  I had a yellow polka dot picked out but wouldn’t you know I don’t have enough left on the bolt.  I think I have a back up plan but I’m torn.  The little annoying voice in my head keeps chirping a certain color but I’m not sure it’s the most practical color.  Stupid little voice in my head…does it have a mute button???

On a happy, happy, happy note…I actually won something!  A wonderful, spectacular, amazing Amy Butler Lark fat quarter bundle, thread, and ear buds from Pat Sloan!

It’s so pretty!  I can’t wait to make something.  I have no idea what that will be but it will be spectacular!

I guess I don’t have much more for tonight.  I have to get myself back in gear tomorrow so I can get more quilting done.  I would hate to waste a whole week.

8 thoughts on “Do Folks in Georgia Quilt?”

  1. Where are you moving in Georgia? It’s not as big as Texas, but still pretty big. I lived in Macon, GA for 15 years before moving to PA last June. Quilting was not big in Macon, but I think there is lots of quiltiness in Atlanta (modern and otherwise).

  2. Awsome win! LOL I lived in TX for a short while (my Baby Brother lives in San Antonio)I was not a fan of TX. I love to run around bare foot and I HATE fire ants! Plus I LOVE spring and fall and for me I SO missed the changing of the leaves! Check and mate! LOL

  3. Where in Georgia? I live in metro Atlanta (Roswell) and there are 3 quilt shops within 20 mins. and 3 more in about 45 mins. towards the city of Atlanta and a few more going North towards Chattanooga in about an hour or so. (for the last commenter we have tons of fire ants as well! and very little changing of the seasons)

  4. Congrats on the future move to Georgia, will that put your closer to your mom? What a beautiful vintage quilt, can’t wait to see how you quilt it. Congrats on your great win Vicki!!

  5. If you know what area you will be moving to, you can find out the guild in that area, join the guild, get set up in a small quilt group, and start interacting with them before you move into the state. You would have friends before you arrive. And you know if you have kids the gals in the guild will help you with schools, etc.
    Sounds great.

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