I Must be Super Duper Crazy!

I really think I might have a screw loose!  I don’t know why I keep making myself crazy entering last minute contests.  I enjoyed Sunni’s {Love Affair with my Brother} Farmer’s Wife in Your Life Series so much that I knew I wanted to make something to enter in the contest.

Farmer's Wife in Your Life

But…I had no idea when I would have time.  The projects had to be entered by today and guess when I started?  Yesterday!  I don’t know how but I managed to finish a couple things.
First up, a cute little set of 3 magnets that I’m going to give to my Granny for her birthday.  Each one measures 3″ by 3″ and has the tiniest binding ever!  I just added some magnets on the back and TAA DAA…refrigerator magnets!

Contrary Wife Block
Friendship Star
Churn Dash


I’ll have you know I was hand quilting those little buggers at 1 o’clock last night.  First time hand quilting ever.  I’m trying to convince mom the back isn’t supposed to be as pretty as the front but she says the back should be pretty too.  Oops…no one told me.  Guess I need more practice!

And I also whipped up a table topper or wall hanging.  I’m not sure which it will be.

It’s a lawn ornament right now because the lighting is horrible inside our house.  I used two broken sugar dishes, a whirlpool, and a broken dishes block.  I really like how it turned out.  It was a challenge quilting something so tiny after all the huge quilts I’ve been doing.
A close up…

I love the bright colors mixed with the white.  I finished this one at the salon this afternoon while my daughter got her hair done.  I guess I’m good at multi-tasking.

I’m so relieved I finished my projects but I am worn out.  I wish I could take tomorrow off but my house is trashed!  I have left stuff laying all over during my marathon sewing spree.  Anyone want to help me clean??

7 thoughts on “I Must be Super Duper Crazy!”

  1. I’m amazed at how fresh and crisp your wall hanging looks. The colors stand out very well on the white and your grannies are beautiful.
    I think a smal version of your wall hanging folded in half would make beautiful cell phone covers for my kids and I’s Tracfone LG800G smart phones to protect the touch screens. I’m paying $6/month for 40 minutes talk time for the kids, not bad.
    I’ve noticed how the hi-tech gadget lovers who I’m friends with love the home made pouches as it looks nostalgic.

  2. Love the magnets you made for your grandma. Your hand quilting is perfect…and it’s your first time? I also love the quilting on your table topper/wall hanging. Very pretty.

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