Heat n Bond Lite Iron On Adhesive

Ok, shame on me for not posting until now.  It has been a crazy week around here and it’s only Wednesday.  First, I would like to say congratulations to Gwen!  She was the first to guess my age correctly!

BloggerGwen said…I’ll guess that you are 37 years old…? 🙂 Whatever your age is, I hope you had a wonderful day today and that the coming year is very, very happy!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the happiness! 🙂

Gwen is the lucky winner of 5 fat quarters!  I’ll be letting her decide if she would like batiks or prints.  Congrats again Gwen!

Let’s talk Iron On Adhesives.  I’m a Steam a Seam gal through and through.  Granted, I don’t do much appliqué but when I do, I always use Lite Steam a Seam 2.  I buy the 9″ x 12″ sheets sold in packs of 5.

I’ve recently hatched a plan for a quilt that has tons of appliqué {what was I thinking}.  And for some reason, I designed pieces that are larger than 9″ x 12″ {again, what was I thinking}.  I wasn’t excited about having to piece the Steam a Seam so I decided to try a new product, Heat n Bond Lite.  I found it in sheets of 17″ x 1.25 yards.  This was perfect for my project.  It’s easy to use and very similar to Steam a Seam.

~Here’s how to use it~

Cut a piece of fabric that will become the appliqué piece.  I’m using Amelia by Me & My Sister.

Fabric laying right side down
Heat n Bond on wrong side
Iron Heat n Bond to fabric

Once the Heat n Bond was ironed down I used my cardboard template to trasnfer the appliqué design to the paper backing on the Heat n Bond.

Cardboard template used to mark design
I will cut along the pencil lines
Next Template
Now I have 3 cut lines drawn
Last Template
I now have 4 pieces to cut out

After I get all my templates transferred to the fabric, I’m ready to cut.  For this particular pattern I used my 28mm rotary cutter to cut a small opening for my scissors.

I used my scissors to finish cutting out the pieces.

After all pieces were cut out I was ready to iron them onto my white blocks, mix & match of course.

I put the pieces on the white block
I decided to add one more piece
Time to iron them down to the white block

Overall, this product is very similar to the Steam a Seam products.  However, I really think I’m still a Steam a Seam gal.  I was a little disappointed when I adhered the pieces to the white blocks.  It seemed to take a long time for the fabric to bond.  And I had one block that was a total pain.  I had to peel two pieces off and start completely over.  They just would not stick.  I’ve never had that problem with Steam a Seam.  Maybe it’s because I used Heat n Bond Lite but I’m not sure.  I was thinking about not sewing around the edges and just using an all over quilt design but I don’t think that will be a good idea.  I’m afraid the pieces will peel up if I don’t stitch them down.

I can’t wait to get the blocks finished and put together to show everyone.  It’s going to be a very cool design.

Have you used Heat n Bond?  What did you think?  Please tell me if I’m missing something.  It was my first time using this product.

Happy Sewing!

5 thoughts on “Heat n Bond Lite Iron On Adhesive”

  1. I use heat n bond light all the time. I use a very hot iron and only press for about 5-7 seconds. The thing is if you press too long it loses it’s stick. I have had that happen a few times. I buy it by the role at my local wal-mart.

  2. I use Heat & Bond Light all the time too and buy it in rolls. I agree with Margaret….press too long and it doesn’t work. I still like to stitch on the seams to make sure it will hold.

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