It’s My Birthday! Help Me Celebrate!

Hi everyone!  Today is my birthday!  I planned on posting this morning but time just got away from me.  I’ve actually had a rather busy day.  I started working on another UFO and had to try out an idea I had a couple days ago.  I’m determined to finish up some of these UFOs if it kills me.

My step mom gave me some blocks that she inherited from a dear friend.  She asked me to make them into a quilt for her and left the design totally up to me.  I looked at these blocks for months.  I just wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them.  I finally decided on adding a border of HSTs around each block.  I really like the progress I’ve made and I think she will like the finished quilt.

Here’s a sneak peek…

I know it’s very pink but I really like it.  I think the ivory kind of tones down the pink.  The blocks are huge!  Just thought I would share a little work in progress.

The other item I worked on today was an idea I had about a week ago.  I had to enlist the help of my husband to draw the designs since I cannot draw.  Seriously, cannot draw!  I think it will be pretty cool but it’s going to go on the back burner for a week or so while I finish my UFO.

Here’s a couple blocks I was playing around with today…

I think this will be pretty cool once I get it finished and put together.  I wish I had a clone to help me get things done!  The dark color is purple, not black.  I was having issues getting the color to look right.  I have so much trouble getting good pictures.

Well I submitted my quilt to the Moda Bakeshop this afternoon.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough if they like it enough to put it on the Bakeshop Blog.  I’m driving mom crazy with text messages.  I keep texting her and telling her they must not like it because I haven’t heard from them.  {I sent the first text an hour after I emailed them}  It’s so much fun!  But seriously, I have zero patience!

Here’s one more little peek at it.  I just love the finished quilt.  I think it’s one of my favorites.  Hopefully they will like it too.  

Well it is my birthday and that’s a good enough reason to me to have a little giveaway!  I think we should have a little guessing game.  The first person to comment and guess my age wins something!  I’m not sure what yet, I just might let it be winner’s choice.  A couple of hints…I’m older than 18, younger than 75, married and have 2 kids {15 & 8}. 

I realize someone could guess the correct age right away so we’ll have a second prize.  I’ll draw a random number for prize number two.  I think prize number 2 will be a Salt Air charm pack and a coordinating 1/2 yard of Moda Bella Solid, Porcelain.  And I might just throw something else in for fun!  After all, it is my birthday and you all should get presents too.


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96 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! Help Me Celebrate!”

  1. Well I guess I am the first to guess….oh my….lol. Well I am guessing 32 years old. And I really love the 2 blocks that you were playing around with…They are just so very different and interesting.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. I’ll guess that you are 37 years old…? 🙂 Whatever your age is, I hope you had a wonderful day today and that the coming year is very, very happy!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the happiness! 🙂

  3. Ok, I guess I need to guess your age too, huh. I’m going to say 43, same age as me.

    Of course, technically it’s only your 29th birthday, because women don’t age after 29.

  4. My birthday is Saturday. And I told my daughter that I want a chocolate cake with thick sugary white icing with big icing roses. None of that new fangled whipped stuff. Sugar icing! (we don’t keep sweets around here so it’s allowed once a year you know.)

  5. I’ll guess that you are 41 because that’s how old I was when my son was 15. Happy Birthday! As for birthday cake…really I’d rather have pie, like the Chocolate Bavarian Pie that I have made for dessert tonight. In my husband’s family though, birthday cake is always chocolate cake (from a box mix) with white powdered sugar icing. This from his mom who majored in HomeEc in college!

  6. I am a follower. And if you are like me…(I am married 17 yrs, 3 kids 16, 11, 10) you are of course 26 3/4 and not a day older!! LOL No really that is all the older I will ever be! hehe Happy birthday!

  7. Birthday Blessings to you! When I was growing up my mother always made me red velvet cake for my birthday – loooong before it became so popular in recent years.

  8. Happy Birthday Vicki! Love the way you framed the pink block and your new design is beautiful, can’t wait to see it! I love Red Velvet cake for my birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! I just found this site today and I am thrilled~ I will continue to follow it along. My favorite cake is turtle cheesecake. I am different than most. I am also going to guess that you turned 38 on Thursday. I hope you had a blessed day! A new quilting friend, Dawn

  10. P.S. I also signed up to blog on the site. I see that my guess on the age of your birthday is a popular one. If i had to requess I could say 39. I will also go and like you on Facebook. Many more happy birthdays to you!
    God Bless,

  11. Happy birthday to you! Did you turn 44? (I was 44 when my son turned 15). my favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  12. Happy birthday to you! Did you turn 44? (I was 44 when my son turned 15). my favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  13. Hope you had a happy birthday! My guess is 43, which is how old I was when my son was 15 and my favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting decorated with roasted almonds. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  14. I actually have several favorites. First I love cheesecake but only with strawberries, boston creme pie(but really this is cake) and one my grandmother made religiously yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Depends where I am and who makes it.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope your celebration was grand.

  15. Guessing you are 42- I like any home made cake, especially chocolate cake filled with home made raspberry jam and fresh cream. So good for your cholesterol levels!

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