Replacing Rotary Blades…a cheaper alternative

I know I’m not the only one who hates spending on average $5.00 per 45 mm blade.  In fact, I refuse to change my blade until I’m straining my entire upper body to cut through the fabric.  Some might say that makes me a tight wad but I would disagree.  I want to get every penny out of my blades, especially now when things are tight for all of us.  Let’s face it, not many of us are millionaires.  I know I’m not.  So, imagine my surprise when I found out there’s a place where I can get a pack of 2 replacement blades for $1.99.  That’s less than a $1.00 a blade!  You can get a 2 pack of 45 mm blades from …Harbor Freight!  That’s right…Harbor Freight!  

Now don’t panic.  I know the package says replacement carpet cutter blade but this blade will fit most rotary cutters.  These blades can be found in the carpet cutting section of your local store.  

I can say with 100% certainty that they fit the Martelli, Olfa, and Fiskars cutters.  I have each of these brands and I personally checked to see if they would fit.  And I cut some fabric with each cutter after replacing the blades.  I didn’t have any trouble.  You can even order them online at Harbor Freight if you don’t have a local store.  Just search for item number 97642.  They’ll come right up.  

Now I know saving a couple bucks won’t appeal to everyone but I thought I would share this little bit of information.  I love to save money when I can…especially if it means I’ll have a little extra to spend on fun things like more fabric!

Have you used the blades form Harbor Freight?  Drop us a comment and let us know what you think. 

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4 thoughts on “Replacing Rotary Blades…a cheaper alternative”

  1. Love colors of the Amelia Jelly Roll! I think my new daughter-in-law (I have five sons) would appreciate a “girlie” quilted bag made with the fabric. Great finds on the pens and the blades! I think I’m gonna’ love your site!

  2. Great idea about the inexpensive blades. I go thru blades like crazy. I change my blades out after each quilt. I hate when the blades misses a thread of fabric. It’ll pull the fabric all cockeyed and then I have to straighten it out and usually cut the edge even again. So I think I am going to buy these blades. Thanks for the idea. Right now I’ve been going thru all your posts. I’m having such a good time. I should be quilting but I’m enjoying myself reading your articles.

  3. Oh, my goodness; I HATE buying new blades! Thank you for sharing this; I’ve been wondering if I could sharpen my old ones, but figured someone (me, or possibly a cat) would get injured if I tried it…

  4. I have been using the Harbor Freight blades for a while now. They work fine, but will not stay sharp as long as the higher quality blades. That said, you can replace it 5x as often for the same price!

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