Cast Anyone?

Last Saturday I was rushing to finish my Modern Mini Quilt so I could get packed and hit the road to visit mom and Gene.  The good news is we made it to mom’s safe and sound.  The bad news is my son will be sporting a cast next Tuesday.  Apparently he thought it would be fun to swing as high as possible and jump out in true daredevil fashion.  It didn’t end so well for him.  He landed on his right arm and broke both the bones right above his wrist.  Gah.

So, one ER trip and 4 hours later he had a splint and an appointment next week for a cast.  Good times.  This nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  His father did the same “trick” when he was 7 and broke his arm.

This child seems to like visiting the ER when we go on vacation.  I hope this doesn’t become a family tradition.  At least he didn’t need surgery {like his father did so MANY years ago} and he should heal up just fine.  A cast in the summer doesn’t sound very fun to me but maybe he won’t have to wear it too long.  I’ll guess we’ll find out next week.  In case you’re wondering…he says no more jumping out of swings.  Let’s hope not.

On the sewing front, I’ve been pretty lazy.  Mom’s putting binding on the two quilts I brought with me.  I’ll post pictures as soon as they are gifted this weekend.  I really should be helping but you all know how I feel about binding.  I’d rather repeatedly bang my head into a brick wall.

Happy Thursday!  Remember…it’s NEVER a good idea to jump out of a swing.

9 thoughts on “Cast Anyone?”

  1. Well that sucks! I have to say though, Vicki, that he doesn’t look any worse for wear. lmbo In all seriousness, so sorry for you all.

  2. Sorry to hear about his accident Vicki and I hope the cast doesn’t have to stay on too long. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your mom.

  3. Oh my! A few years back my daughter broker her arm in the same place on the last day of school. They gave her a cast she could swim in… we just had to flush it our well afterwards so the chlorine didn’t dry and irritate her skin. She was 10 and happy summer swimming wasn’t ruined!

  4. One of us kids always ended up needing to go to the ER on vacation when I was growing up. I broke my arm twice, the second time (first time Texas, second Washington) my mom didn’t believe me and it took her a day before she had my father find the closest hospital.

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