Texas Teardrops Quilt Along ~ Constructing the Quilt Top

It’s hard to believe but this quilt along is quickly coming to an end.  This has truly been an awesome experience for me and I have learned quite a bit along the way.  Hopefully, this will help my next quilt along be even better.  But don’t panic…you still have plenty of time to finish up your quilt top and qualify for prizes.

It’s time to sew the blocks together.  This quilt is set on point which may be new to some of you.  I promise it’s not difficult.  I’ve included a diagram in the pattern to help you with the layout.  Essentially you will be sewing diagonal rows together.

You need to decide on the layout of your blocks before you sew any together.  I like to lay my blocks out on the floor {I don’t have a design wall}.  This lets me move blocks around until I’m happy with the look.  Sometimes this takes me a minute because I’m a little crazy and I have trouble being random.

Once you have your blocks arranged it’s time to sew the rows together.  For this pattern, it’s best to start with the center rows {rows 1 and 2 in the diagram on page 10 of your pattern}.  Sew the row 1 blocks together and then sew row 2 blocks together.  Sew row 1 to row 2.  Then add the corner triangles.

I folded my corner triangles in half and pressed a crease so that I could easily match the triangle to my rows.  See the picture below.

Then you will sew the blocks together for row 3.  Repeat for rows 4, 5, and 6.  Each of these rows will have a side or setting triangle at each end.  It’s very easy to sew these triangles on wrong.  It really helps to lay the blocks out so you can visualize the layout.

You will sew rows 3 and 4 together and then add another corner triangle.  Do the same for rows 5 and 6.  Then all that’s left is sewing these sections to the middle section.

Please note…the corner triangles will be a little larger than necessary.  You will just need to use your ruler and trim off the excess after you sew the corner triangles to the rows.   I did this on purpose because it’s easier to trim them down than to have triangles that are too small.

Here’s a look at my newest Texas Teardrop quilt that I made with the wonderful Ladybug Garden fabrics by Riley Blake.

I was planning on having it quilted before this quilt along ends but I’m getting a little nervous.  I guess I better get it loaded so I can accomplish that!

I think that just about covers everything for today.  I hope you all have a great day and let me know if there are any questions.

Don’t forget to check out the Flickr group.  There are lots of great quilts emerging!  You can access the complete schedule for the quilt along here in case you’ve missed anything.

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