Some Lessons are Hard to Learn

Good morning!  I have to start out by saying I’m so sorry I forgot to post the winner of the Ghastlie fabric.  You will understand why in just a moment.  The lucky winner of the is number 51.

51. Lisasaid…
The mini KitKats are my favorite! I bought two bags for Halloween and they were all gone 2 days before the date. Had to buy some more for the trick-or-treaters. Sweet sixteen is such a special day in a girls life, I am glad she enjoyed hers. The Ghastlies are the weirdest and fun would love to have some!

Congrats Lisa!  I’ve sent you an email regarding the prize.

I know I haven’t been around much lately. Unfortunately, that’s because I have nothing to share other than a little whining and complaining.  I try to keep the whining to a minimum so I just didn’t post.  After all, who wants to listen to a whiner?

Today I want to share a little advice that might be helpful to some of you.  Have you ever spent days and days working on a project and when you finally finish it you are soooo excited?  You might even do a little happy dance.  Then you discover it’s not really right and you have to redo it?  And you are instantly deflated.  That was me yesterday.

I’ve been working on writing a pattern and I finally finished it yesterday morning.  I went to email it to mom so she could proofread it for me and guess what?  Gmail said “no, no, no, your file is too big.  You can’t attach it.”  Turns out I had created a 29.8MB file and apparently that is HUGE.  Uh oh….what now.

I tweaked it and cut out 7 pages just by making the pictures smaller and rearranging some things.  This took almost 3 hours.  I was feeling good!  I knew I had cut it in half.  Saved it.  Tried, yes tried, to send it.  It was still 28MB!  Say what?  I spent 3 hours tweaking and rearranging and it only cut the size by 1MB?!?!?!  I was close to tears ~ one might have even leaked out.

Turns out the pictures I used in the document were huge!  Like. Super. Huge.  Even though I was shrinking the pictures in the file as I went, Word saved everything as the original size.  Guess what that means?  Yep, I had to re-size all my pictures.  Twice.  The first time I made them too small.  Had to do it again.  I was really irritated by that point.  Not only did I have to re-size them I had to delete and insert all new pictures in my pattern.

It was a nightmare, but I think I finally have it right!  I swear I’ve been working on this pattern for 3 weeks and I promised myself not to start anything new until it was finished.

The moral of this story…if you are going to write a pattern and use pictures make sure they aren’t super huge.  Especially if you plan on selling the pattern on Craftsy because they have a 10MB file limit.  It’s really not fun re-doing your work over and over and over and over and over.  It kind of makes a girl crazy and temperamental.  Maybe even a little psychotic.

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up.  I have three tops that need to be quilted but I can’t decide which one I want to do next.

Sew Intertwined QAL
Pinwheel Quilt


Quilting Lodge Quilt

I’m leaning toward the pinwheel quilt but I can’t decide.  What do you all think?

I hope everyone has a great day!  I know mine has to be less stressful than yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Some Lessons are Hard to Learn”

  1. I can only imagine your frustration! Glad you figured it out though. Now do something nice for yourself! And I like that third quilt the best, the blue and green one (my favorite colors)…I think you should quilt that one first 🙂 – by the way, I voted for your Quilt Festival quilt…hope you win!

  2. I try not to whine too but I understand, everybody needs to vent frustration sometimes! Now the pattern is at the next stage, computers sometimes make you want to throw them up against a wall (but they are to expensive for that) they change stuff all the time. Oh now I am on a rant! I understand lets just say that.

    Congrats on your quilt, I voted for it! All your work is! I like the Dresden Plate, I like the bright stuff, but all the quilts are beautiful.

    I am very excited to have won the giveaway! Thank you so much! I think the fabric is so fun, I will have to make something fun out of it! Thank you again! I hope you are feeling better just know you are not alone! I agree with Kathy do something nice for yourself! Think out of all those quilts you were nominated and have a great chance at winning, gotta feel go about that. Enough from me! Your pretty awesome is all.

  3. Oh no. And this is one time you probably should have posted and whined. Someone may have offered an idea that would have saved you alot of extra work. yea, like me possibly. 🙁

    I would have immeditely asked you to check the picture format because if you are saving the pictures using the .bmp extension rather than a .gif or .jpg/.jpeg then the files would be huge. But, rather than to not post this thought and have you do the same next time IF that was indeed the problem I thought I’d at least leave the comment so you can check.

  4. Wowie! yep…shoulda vented to us … we’d have encouraged you..and sent Huge Hugs too! Glad you conquered it! Gooood job!!!

    All 3 quilt are super & beautiful!! I think you should do the bottom one first……and then send it to me! LOL (Oh & I also voted for your Quilt in Quilt Festival…that quilt is Awesome too!

  5. #1 darn it all I didn’t win
    #2 I too would do the pinwheel. I love pin wheels!
    #3 I hope you feel better to get your frustrations off your chest! We all have to. Vent some times! Isn’t there a way to compress the photos? But kudos for the pattern! :o)

  6. Hugs lady! I hate when it tells me a file is too big. Your quilts are all beautiful. I can’t wait to see how you do your Sew Intertwined, that one is next on my list of things to quilt and I have no clue how I’m going to do it.

  7. Were you using a Microsoft Office application to write the pattern? There is a way to compress the pictures so that they’re smaller without having to actually resize them. If this is what you were doing I can help you out if you want…

  8. Hi Vicki! Sorry about your frustration and extra work on your pattern. I tried to comment when you first posted and for some reason my phone was having issues and each time I entered a letter in the comment box it scrolled back up to the header. Too frustrated to keep trying I am having a little better luck today. It has only done that 4 times. I have that happen on several blogs so don’t know what that’s about.
    I wanted to add that Iove the pinwheels and would like to see it done.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!
    I’m having quilting withdrawals so am going to head to my sewing room.

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