Glorious Autumn Block Party

Today is my turn for the Glorious Autumn Block Party hosted by Michele at Quilting Gallery!  If you haven’t been following along you are missing out on some great blocks!

A big warm welcome to any folks dropping by for the first time today.  I’ve put together a little mosaic of some of my favorite quilts that I’ve made this year.  Enjoy…

1. Rectangle Tango, 2. Stash Bee Converging Corner Block, 3. Texas Teardrops, 4. Charming Chains, 5. Dalaini’s Quilt Back, 6. Circus Fun, 7. Mr. Fugly, 8. Airplane Quilt, 9. Tiny Trails, 10. Dino Quilt, 11. Sew Intertwined QAL, 12. Urban Expressway, 13. Clara’s Quilt
Be sure to hop over to Michele’s to check out my designer profile and the awesome Quilter’s Super Deal of the Day.
And now it’s time for my little block, Leaf Me Alone.
I’ve created a PDF pattern for Leaf Me Alone.  I love the lonely little maple leaf hanging out at the top of the tree.
Here’s a closer look at some of my favorite details.
Make sure you check out the the Glorious Autumn Block Party Flickr Group!

And make sure you stop by the other great designers for this week:

Tuesday, Oct. 9
Jackie – Canton Village Quilt Works

Thursday, Oct. 11
Jovita’s Patchwork Atelier

Whew…that’s a lot of info for one little post!  And there’s more…now it’s time for a giveaway!  We’re giving away a Juggling Summer Charm Pack to one lucky winner!
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120 thoughts on “Glorious Autumn Block Party”

  1. Your block is simply amazing. What a beautiful contribution to the Glorious Autumn Block Party. Thank you so much for your hard work and talent. Now with the weather changing I am in the mood to quilt and already have a quilt in mind for those Juggling Summer Charm Pack. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Sandi T.

  2. What beautiful quilts!! You amaze me with your productivity– and inspire me to get busy! 🙂 Oh, and your block is SO cute– love that little owl!! 🙂 Okay, now, something funny– how about a corny Halloween joke?
    What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost?……………… Bamboo! 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. I am a follower and I love your block but I can’t download the .pdf could you email it. I would like one for a wall hanging. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I’m happy new follower number 558, I’m feeling that is a lucky number. Humm. funny story??? I usually crack myself up with some of the things I say. But now I’m blank. But to relate to your squirrel in the darling quilt block I will tell you we lived in Portland, OR for 20 plus years and we had squirrels in the back yard entertaining us all the time. We now have moved to central Kansas and have lived here for just a few days short of one year. I hung my squirrel feeding in a tree the first day we were here. Guess what? Not one single squirrel has bothered to come to our yard and entertain me. I have it hanging in a place I can see while I’m on my computer. Oh gosh so sorry this is so long. LOL

  5. i love the plane quilt i think i will make it for my husband. he has snoopy flying on his left shoulder so at the tender age of 49 i went and had woodstock with co-pilot written under it on my left shoulder. by the way he has his pilot’s licence. thanks for listening.

  6. We recently had the senior games in my area. We had only 6 ladies who showed up, so the ladies played against the men’s teams and we won 2 out of 3 games. You should have seen the faces of the guys-they weren’t happy to be beaten by a bunch of “girls”.

  7. What a adorable block and thanks so much for sharing it!! I don’t know which is cuter….the little leaf, the owl or the squirrel!! Beautiful fabric in your giveaway too!

  8. Hmmm, something funny…
    I was mobbed by a group of 17 guineas and 30 chickens about an hour ago. They needed their feed bowls filled and they all came running to the run door and jumped up trying to get into the bucket I carry their feed in.

  9. I am your follower and here’s my funny tale:
    right this morning my two year old girl asked to go poop, she likes to see what she’s doing, so happened that her poop splashed her, she yelled to wipe her, so I cleaned her bum, but she said “no, mommy my mouth!”
    funny but SO disgusting

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your block!! It is soooo Awesome!! Thank you soooo much too, for sharing the Pattern!! YAY! (& HUGS!!!)

    Thanks for chance to win your Drawing!! 🙂

  11. Wonderful block and so much detail in every inch. Love the curly branches of the tree and the lonely maple leaf. Your owl is adorable. Yes, I follow you – get your email notifications and also have you on my Google Reader list. Now that gives me two entries – right? That was my “funny” thing to tell you. 🙂

  12. This isnt funny, just has me stumped. I raised 4 boys. We all were very close until they got married, the last one just got married, NoW I have 4 daughter n laws from the last 5 years, NOW I HAVE DRAMA IN MY LIFE. omg ! I am so glad I didnt have a house full of girls, whats really hard I think is I was raised with 3 brothers and the only girl cousin……

  13. I really love your block Vicki. My favorite is that adorable squirrel, but that owl is pretty cute too.

    Funny something?
    Every single time I post a comment to your blog it feels like I’m typing to myself. Not too many spell their name the same as I do.

    VickiT 😉

  14. Your quilts are beautiful. I loved looking at them on pinterest. This is an awhh story instead of a funny story but still cute. In class we were talking about feelings and my three year old student turned around and said “I love my dad the best.” His dad was so moved.

  15. Love the block!!!!!
    The only really funny thing going on here are the kittens playing…um racing around the house and wresting with each other and the older cats:) What fun!!!

  16. What a cute block…that squirrel reminds me of our pet grey squirrels…who right now appear not to be so funny…we think they’re eating holes into our sprinklers! And we may have a pesky raccoon on the loose too! They work in the dark…
    Anyway, thanks for the great giveaway.

  17. All I can think of is a (bad) joke – why did the rubber chicken cross the road? He wanted to stretch his legs! Sorry for the humor, and thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I love your block, it is so beautiful !!!!!
    I’m also a follower.

    And you want a laugh? here we go:
    Wife said to her husband: I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear …
    Husband whispers in her ear: Kitchen, bathroom, livingroom …

  19. I LOVE that owl block. I’ve downloaded it and hope I can do such a good job. I really like the look on his face, he is looking a bit annoyed. Maybe there is some ‘Leaf Speak’ going on there. And he is like “Fall already and shut up!”

  20. I pinned your Texas Tear drop quilt. It is what led me to be a follower, and what inspired me to get my own Cottonelle toilet paper holders. 🙂

  21. And I now know you’ve recently discovered The Big Bang Theory . . . my all time favorite show! Favorite word from the show? Brobdingnagian…it’s a real word meaning ‘marked by tremendous size’…I should have this word embroidered across the butt of a pair of my pants!!!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

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