I’m Alive!

I’m alive…at least I think I’m alive.  I’m still fighting this horrible cold.  If I didn’t know any better I would think my youngest was trying to kill me with his germs.  I have to say this is the worst cold I’ve had in a long time.  I’m still coughing and sneezing and I’ve had a headache for 3 days….thanks to all the coughing.  

I was going to share some pictures of a quilt I finished over the summer but I just don’t have the energy or focus to edit pictures.  So, this will be yet again a short post just to let you all know I’m still alive and I hope to get back to sewing today {fingers crossed} or tomorrow.  

I was working on a project in EQ yesterday that has to be finished by Oct 12th.  I’m designing my first ever paper pieced block.  I’m not so sure about this.  My 10″ block had 4 pages of foundation paper templates.  Yikes!  So I did some tweaking and now I have 2 pages of templates.  I like what I came up with but now I need to see if I can actually make it.  Wish me luck!

On a final note, it’s been a pretty great week around here for my kiddos.  Hannah found out she qualified for NHS {National Honor Society}.  I’m so proud!

She’s so cute!  This was her performance make up for marching band last week.
And Jake came home yesterday and told me he was voted into the school council.  I didn’t even know they did that in 3rd grade!  So proud of him too!

Now I leave you with a picture that ALWAYS makes me laugh. I know I could use a laugh right about now!  You will definitely appreciate this picture if you remember the pudding face commercials that were on TV a couple years ago.  

One day Gene {my awesome step dad} decided he needed a pudding face…

Need I say more?  

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  1. What a big smile!! I wonder what his frown is like! I’m sorry you are still feeling bad. Take the time to rest. Your body is telling you that. Enough work for now. Your followers will certainly understand. Life is too short to worry. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Judy

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