Making Quilt Labels

Most of you know I’ve spent the last 4 weeks finishing up quilts for my step mom.  I wanted to share with you all how I made the labels.

I had two different products that I tried for the labels.  One product, EQ Printables, gets an A+.  The other product, Dritz Printed Treasures, gets an F.  I know that seems harsh but I will explain a little later.

The pictures I’ll share and the finished labels were all made with EQ Printables Premium Cotton Lawn Inkjet Fabric Sheets.  {Boy that was a mouthful}

First, I created a document on my laptop with the label information.  Next, I stuck a sheet of EQ Printables in my printer and viola…labels are born.

I forgot to take a picture before I started peeling off the backing.

The backing peeled off very easy once I got it started.

Once the backing was peeled off it curled up.

Next, I had to soak the sheet in water to make sure any excess ink was removed.  I did not have any ink come off during the soaking.

Once it soaked for the suggested amount of time I laid the sheet on a towel to air dry.  It dried in about 30 minutes.

Then I simply pressed the sheet to get out any wrinkles.  I cut them all apart and got them ready for the quilts.

I forgot to take pictures of how I folded them.  I basically folded in each side about 3/8″ and pressed them.  Then I applied a small strip of steam a seam to the back so I could stick them to the quilt.  That helped hold them in place while I was hand stitching them in place.

Ta Da!  That’s a pretty good looking quilt label.

Now, remember that F I gave to the other product, Dritz Printed Treasures?  I could not get the paper backing to peel off the fabric.  I tried 4 out 5 sheets that were in the package and finally gave up.

Each one left a paper residue on the fabric that was visible from the front.  It was comparable to peeling off a sticker and having little pieces of sticker left.  I tried soaking the sheets and I tried scratching the residue off with my nails.  Nothing worked.  I threw away 4 sheets of the stuff.

Did I take pictures?  No.  Because when I tried this product I was so frustrated the last thing on my mind was my camera and pictures.  I kind of go a little bonkers when I run into issues.

I emailed Dritz to see if I did something wrong {I did follow the directions but thought I would ask}.  They never responded.  I found a Dritz representative at Spring Quilt Market {back in May} and she promised someone would contact me {still no word}.  I won’t be spending my money on that product anymore.  And I have removed that product from our online store.

Of course, that was my personal experience and there may be some of you who have used and like this product.  I would love to hear from you if you have used it successfully.  Maybe I got a bad batch?  I don’t know.  And since Dritz never responded to my inquiry I won’t be using it again.  Ever.

Do you label all the quilts you make?  Do you have a favorite method?

11 thoughts on “Making Quilt Labels”

  1. I found the only way to get the paper off Printed Treasures is to press the paper side with a hot iron and IMMEDIATELY peel the paper off. If you let it cool even a tiny bit you have to press again. I won’t buy it again either.

  2. I make up a label in Photoshop and print it with my home printer on Avery printable fabric sheets from Staples. I’ve found I can use scraps of the printable fabric by sticking it on freezer paper. Works for me.

  3. I just use plain jane muslin ironed onto freezer paper that I print out my word document with label info. I don’t have stores that supply the product you used.

  4. Love the font on your label!

    Like mtnquilter, I also use avery – the “personal creations” printable fabric sheets.

    These don’t peel off, you just print your words or pictures onto them (I have an HP deskjet 5940 and don’t use any special ink and I (probably stupidly) never pre-soaked the printed sheets before ironing onto my dresses and purses and then washing…

    BUT! I have had to resize an outfit that my grandaughter has been wearing for over a year now and through all the washings, the tag has never come off, bled or run and the ink looks like I just printed it.

    A side note: I don’t use any dritz products myself. Never liked what I have seen for reviews thus far.

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