Almost Ready to Start Quilting

The last couple of days have been quite a challenge for me.  I’ve been battling a monster headache which makes sewing pretty interesting.  I have managed to get another top almost ready for Roscoe.

Please excuse the terrible picture.  I had to take it indoors because we’ve been having hurricane force winds here in Texas.

I used my favorite Pink Moda Cross Weave for the sashing and I threw in some yellow cornerstones.

I should be able to get the border finished tomorrow.  After that I plan on finishing the borders on the other top and then quilting, quilting, quilting!  I can almost see the finish line.

Funny story of the day…I was sitting in the family room all by myself watching TV yesterday morning and I kept hearing a scratching noise.  Being part chicken I was pretty freaked out.  I kept pausing the TV and listening.  I thought the scratching was coming from inside a cardboard box behind me so I did what any normal chicken person would do.  I very carefully carried it outside and banished it to the patio.

I started watching TV again.  Within a few seconds I heard more scratching.  I was really worried now because I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  I tip toed over to the door and listened.  scratch.  scratch.  scratch.  Yikes!  I kept looking around and I noticed the screen door was wiggling around.  Good.  The monster was outside.

Guess what was trying to get me….

This cute little turtle got stuck between the screen door and the patio door.  I rescued him and got him unstuck.

I just have to show off my daughter’s new do.  She loves it and I think it turned out pretty cute.  Different, but cute!

Yes!  Those are purple and pink highlights.  She’ll go back to a normal color before school starts.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a headache free day and I can get lots of sewing done!

7 thoughts on “Almost Ready to Start Quilting”

  1. Ok, so this made me laugh for so many reasons, but mostly because yesterday morning Anne and I thought we were being attacked by a mocking bird…nope, it was a baby monitor that was running out of batteries! Scared the daylights out of is! I love your daughter’s hair – awesome!

  2. Love that turtle. I answered my front door last week to find a female mallard on my door mat demanding food. She and her mate have been hanging around in my koi ponds since the neighbor girls fed them graham crackers. They are so cute.

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  4. What a cute turtle story, we rescued one last week that was sitting in the middle of the road! Hope your headache is better and the weather also!

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