Spring Quilt Market Day 2

Day 2 of Spring Quilt is coming to a close.  And what a day!

Take a look at all the goodies we’ve collected over the past 2 days…

Check out all the free magazines each of us scored…

I would love to share a little story with you all and I hope I can paint just the right picture of how it went down.

It all started early this morning around 2:30 AM.  We were all snug in our beds sound asleep.  {I was probably dreaming about all the fabric I wanted to buy}  All of a sudden I woke up to the sound of a rattling noise.  I couldn’t decide if I was dreaming or if someone was trying to get into our room.  Then I saw mom’s head pop up and I knew I wasn’t dreaming…someone was trying to get into our room.

I jumped out of bed and started toward the door.  I could see light coming in from the hallway but I didn’t see any feet outside our room.  Right at that moment I realized the noise was coming from inside our room.  Sheer panic came over me in an instant.

Before I could even decide what I was going to do a shadow emerged from the bathroom.  I jumped and started moaning in fright.  At the same time the stranger started jumping up and down and squealing in fright.  Turns out, the stranger was Mary, our friend who came to market with us.  She had to use the restroom in the middle of the night.  The rattling noise was her making sure the bathroom door wasn’t locked.

Our panic and distress instantly turned into out of control laughter.  I’m talking fall in the floor uncontrollable laughter.  All the while mom is still laying in bed watching the whole episode transpire.  She never moved a muscle.  When I laid back down mom said to me, “Just out of curiosity, what exactly were you going to do if someone had been trying to get into the room???”  Hmmm…that’s a good question!  I guess I was going to kick some burglar butt!

I tried to go back to sleep for about 15 minutes but every time I thought about our mutual ambush I started cracking up!  We have laughed about this all day long!  I sure wish we had a video of that because I’m quite certain we would win some money!

I have more pictures to share tomorrow…sleep tight everyone.  I sure hope I don’t have to fend off “burglars” again tonight!

10 thoughts on “Spring Quilt Market Day 2”

  1. I would say that after another day at Market, there will be no place to sleep! Your story was great! Hope your heart beat is back to normal!

  2. Wow! What great stuff! Wish I was there……well not last night….I would have been scared to death too! Glad it was just Mary in the bathroom and that you had a good laugh!

  3. Great haul! I LOVE it when I get the giggles liked that!! The kind that all you have to do is look at the other person in on your story and they come back! Tears streaming down your face!! Think about the GREAT workout the two of you are getting! 🙂 Laughing burns a LOT of calories! LOL

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