Octagon Shimmer Quilt

I recently quilted an Octagon Shimmer quilt for a local client.  This pattern is designed by Jennifer Sampou.  I emphasized the octagon shapes by randomly quilting designs in a radiating octagon. I used a Mark B Gone pen to draw boundary lines and then quilted in between with varying designs.  I would suggest using a size 19 needle when quilting heavily metallic fabrics.  It helped stop my thread breakage.

I used Quilter’s Dream cotton batting and Superior Threads Omni on top and So Fine in the bobbin.









IMG_7585 The quilting stands out beautifully on the back of the quilt.

IMG_7580Thanks for looking!


14 thoughts on “Octagon Shimmer Quilt”

  1. it is an amazing beautiful modern quilt, I LOVE the quilting in each octagon and the 4 pt stars made from those. just lovely!!

  2. Beautiful quilting, Quilting really does make the quilt, doesn’t it. I love that you have repeated quilting elements but not in the same place on each octagon. It really is outstanding, and I cannot even imagine how many hours you devoted to this one quilt!

  3. Love the quilt and the quilting!! Thanks for the info on the needle size – I’m making a quilt using Shimmer and this will help me avoid thread breakage!

  4. The quilting is beautiful! I have a question though concerning the cutting of the fabric. Perhaps somebody knows the answer and can reply. I have just finished cutting the kites and now I am not sure if I should cut fabric to complete the blocks or first cut fabric to create the borders. I don’t want to short myself fabric by cutting block fabrics only to find out I’m short on border material, and vice a versa. So can anyone advise what to cut next, the block section strips or the border cuts? Thanks!

  5. I just finished this quilt top. I made dark kites, and then sewed 3.5″ strips of light (white or cream) on both sides of the dark kites. Then I sewed all medium hues from the light/white out to the point of the triangle. ( I did not create any triangles with light fabric all the way to the end point of the triangle, as in Jennifer’s sample quilt.) I have LOTS of light fabric left from the quilt. Something around 3 yards left of light fabric. There is a ton of light fabric included in the kit.

  6. Janet Sebastian

    Your quilting has really inhanced this quilt. I especially like that you included all the quilting, needle and thread information.

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