Fixing Loops…A Tutorial

Every now and then we all experience quilting problems.  Mine usually revolve around tension and the sporadic loop Roscoe will throw on the back of my quilts.  I never really knew what to do about those pesky loops. In my early days of quilting I would just let them go.  I didn’t want to clip them because I was afraid the stitches would come loose.  And I really had no idea how to fix them.

Then one day I was browsing through posts in a Facebook group and someone shared the most brilliant way to fix these loops.  It left me thinking I was kind of a dork for not thinking of it myself.  I’m going to share a little tutorial and show you guys a super easy way to fix the loops.

In the first picture you can see a lovely loop that appeared on the quilt back.

PeskyloopThe first thing you need to do is cut a piece of thread and slip it through the loop, see picture below.

Then tie a couple knots to secure the thread to the loop.


Thread a needle.  I use a self threading needle because it’s the easiest.

threadaneedleStick the needle into your fabric at the base of the loop.  Then slide the needle between the layers of fabric and come back out at least 1″ away.  I usually go about 2″ over.  Pull the needle all the way through until the loop disappears into the fabric.  Then clip the thread tail.



Isn’t that so easy?  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself.  Here’s a look at the finished quilt.  I really love how it turned out.



Happy Quilting!


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