I’m Going to Teach!

Exciting things have been happening around here.  Last night was my teaching/lecturing debut at the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild.  I had such a great time talking to everyone about my favorite thing…quilting!!  I was a little nervous, mostly because I didn’t spend much time prepping.  I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of gal!  Thank goodness it went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Hopefully they learned a few things too.

It was great practice for me since I’m going to teach an all day quilting class in September at the Desert Quilter’s of Nevada Retreat!  Who would’ve thought I would be teaching quilting.  Not me!!  I’m super excited to share all the things I love most about quilting.  I have a peek at what I’ll be teaching.  I whipped up a little sampler just for the class.

I will teach some of my favorite quilting elements.   IMG_4843
Swirls, of course!  
swirls and woodgrain

The red is my favorite side of the sample.  I love the wonky diamonds!

And I had to add some feather swirls because they’re even better than plain swirls!




Here’s a look at the whole sample.  Lots of fun quilting designs that are perfect for quilters of all levels. It’s a pretty bad pic but I only had my cell phone at the time.



I used Moda crossweave fabrics and a double layer of Quilter’s Dream batting to really give the quilting definition.  I’m pretty much addicted to double batting these days. Superior Threads So Fine #50 and So Fine #40 threads.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my samples.  I just really love quilting and I love sharing.  If you live in the Vegas area you should come hang out with me in September!  I promise it will be lots of fun!


5 thoughts on “I’m Going to Teach!”

  1. You quilts are incredible. I am excited to be a member of the LV Modern Quilt Guild. I love the fact that there are so much talent and young people in the guild.

  2. Hi Vicki–I stumbled across your blog by accident. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and adjusting to your new life! Yes, I know the feeling of moving and leaving a daughter behind–not a good time- but we all survived. I miss you at the Vernon Quilt Guild and getting to see your wonderful quilts. The group is smaller this year but we’re having a good year. I need to get a quilt finished and quilted for our Quilt Show–hope someone at guild has your phone#. Congratulations and I miss you, Susan Grant

  3. How exciting! Congratulations. I know this is something you’ve been hoping for a long time.

    I completely agree about the double layer of batting. Which did you use here? I’m still playing around to see what works best.

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