Hummingbird Mini Quilt

I’ve recently become completely obsessed with mini quilts.  I’m quite certain the instant gratification is the biggest attraction for me.  It’s always so much fun to finish a project quickly.  Plus, I basically have zero patience so a fast finish is spectacular in my book.

My love of minis began last year when I signed up for my first mini quilt swap on Instagram.  I was immediately hooked.  What’s not to love about a fast finish and making new friends by swapping quilts.  {Shameless plug here…you should check out my Instagram feed, @OrchidOwlQuilts, because my friend Ida and I will be hosting a swap starting May 1st}

Today I want to share my hummingbird mini quilt that I made for my mom and step dad.  They love hummingbirds so I knew I had to make one for them.  I wanted to do something less than traditional so I decided to quilt the hummingbird and do a whole cloth mini.  I used a purple peppered cotton for the background.  It has such a beautiful sheen.  I’m completely addicted to peppered cottons right now too!

Hummingbird mini quiltI used Superior Threads So Fine 40 weight variegated thread for the body of the hummingbird.  The background feather swirls were made with So Fine 50 weight thread.

Hummingbird Mini QuiltHere’s a close up of the quilting I did to make the bird.  I used pebbles and baby clam shells for her head and body.  I originally used a purple thread on the belly and it didn’t show up.  So I grabbed my metallic pearlescent fabric paint and glitzed up her belly.

Feather swirl quilting

And a close up of the feather swirls.  These are so fun for background fills. I also used a double layer of Quilter’s Dream batting, one layer of cotton with wool on top.  This really makes the quilting pop.  Double batting is another super addiction I have at the moment.  Apparently I have lots of quilting addictions.

I hope you enjoyed my little hummingbird mini quilt.  She is currently on her way to Missouri to her new home.  I cannot wait for mom and Gene to see her in person.


9 thoughts on “Hummingbird Mini Quilt”

  1. wow this is absolutely lovely. you have done a fantastic job. this little lady looks so ready to take flight right off the purple. I am sure your mom and step dad will love it.

  2. Beautiful hummingbird! I’m curious about the double battings — pros and cons. Perhaps you could explain your addition in another post?

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