Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I would like to start by saying a great big huge thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments about my new site.  I really love sharing my passion for quilting with you all.  Today I’d like to share a double wedding ring quilt I finished in May.  But first, I have to share a picture of my beautiful daughter, Hannah, and her handsome boyfriend, Cole.  They graduated on May 30th and I’m super proud of both of them and only a little sad.  How is it possible that she graduated???

photoBack in May I had the pleasure of quilting a double wedding ring quilt for a local client.  She always makes beautiful quilts, but they are always HUGE.  For real.  This one measured 103″ x 114″ and I aptly nicknamed it the King Kong Quilt.  It took me 5 days to quilt.  It was so big I couldn’t even fit it on my clothesline to take a picture.  It’s folded in half!


Let’s take a closer look…



I didn’t want to quilt the centers all the same so I alternated feathers with a medallion swirly thing {my own very technical term}.  I also alternated wishbones and straight lines in the melons.  You can see examples in the pictures below.





And how about a look at the back.  I love the back of quilts as much as I love the fronts.



My client provided the muslin backing and batting.  I used Superior Threads So Fine #50, my favorite thread.  I actually used a lot of thread!  I finished off one cone and used part of a second.  It takes a lot of thread to quilt these King Kong sized quilts.  All of the quilting is freehand done on Roscoe, my favorite Gammill.

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of this double wedding ring quilt.  It was my first time quilting one and I’m super excited with how it turned out.  My client loved it but I don’t think she was looking forward to all the scalloped edge binding.




9 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring Quilt”

  1. Vicki, it is really beautiful! I love the way you quilted it. You gave me lots of ideas on quilting mine. But I am going to be hand quilting mine. I don’t believe I will be putting as many stitches in mine though.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! It is bittersweet when these milestones happen. They grow up way too fast!
    The double wedding ring is fabulous!!! The fabric choices and quilting are wonderful…but, you took it to the next level! Beautiful job!

  3. Wow! How beautiful! You both did a wonderful job! Did she just let you go with what you wanted to do or did she give some directions on how she wanted it done?

  4. Oh I would love to have a similar Christmas quilt
    Does your client ever sell any quilts she makes? Would she be willing to make one? This pattern and theme are lovely I want buy one

  5. Terri Bentley
    This is so beautiful. I love you alternated the designs in it. I can’t believe you quilted it only in 5 days

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