Texas Teardrops Quilt Along ~ Cutting the Teardrops

Before we get started today I have a quick boo boo to fix.  I must have read the Texas Teardrops pattern 100 times to check for mistakes but I still managed to miss something.

On page 8 at the very top, I stated you will cut 32 pieces, 4 of each size…that is incorrect.  You will actually cut out 96 pieces, 24 of each size.  I must have been slightly crazy when I wrote that part of the pattern…I have no idea where I got those numbers.  I’m very sorry for the mistake.

Last night, I emailed a corrected pattern to everyone who purchased one.  If you did not receive the email please let me know and I will resend it.

Now let’s talk about cutting out the teardrops.  This step is pretty simple, just time consuming.  I used a 28mm rotary cutter which seemed to make following the curves are little easier.  However, you can use a 45mm rotary cutter.  You could also go old school and use scissors.

I’m an impatient quilter and I knew scissors would take too long so I opted for the 28mm cutter.  Make sure your blade is sharp.  That will make cutting the teardrops a little easier.

Simply follow the traced lines and cut out each piece.  Be very careful with the pointy tips.  It’s easy to over cut into the teardrop.  It’s helpful to use scissors to snip the pointy tips.  That eliminates any chance of accidentally slicing each teardrop piece into two pieces.

You can see in the above picture that I didn’t stay on the line 100%.  That’s ok.  As long as you try to be as accurate as possible everything will work out.  I can assure you none of mine were perfect and the world did not end.  What’s my point?  Relax.  Have a glass of wine {not the whole bottle}.  Breathe.  It will be ok if they aren’t perfect.  I promise.

As I stated in the beginning of this post, you will have 96 pieces, 24 of each size, once all the teardrops are cut.  It’s a good idea to stay organized and sort the pieces according to size.  This helps when it’s time to build the blocks.  And it’s best to keep them flat because they like to roll up and then it’s hard to work with them.

Once you have all the teardrops cut you can go ahead and cut the background fabric squares {refer to pattern for sizes}.  Then you will be ready to start the next step.  I’m giving everyone a lot of time to cut the teardrops because this step takes awhile, especially if you can only work on a few at a time.  Feel free to work ahead if you get done early.  I’ll be back on April 22nd to talk about adhering the pieces to the blocks.

I hope you all have a great day!

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  1. It was fun to get home last night after babysitting grandchildren for a couple days and see my package of fabrics waiting for me! Guess what I did all day……cutting, cutting, cutting!

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