Some Blocks are Impossible!

How can it be Thursday already?  I mean really…what happened to this week?  I planned on blogging Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….I’m finally getting around to it today when the week’s almost over.  I promised pictures of prom and I can’t wait to share a couple of my favorites.  My daughter looked so gorgeous {just forget how biased I am}.

The sun was in her eyes.  She was being goofy but it’s such a cute picture.

This is Hannah and her best bud, Cole.  This is my other favorite picture.

And one last fun picture.  There was a photo booth at the prom with tons of props.  What a great idea.   It’s not the best quality because I had to take a picture of the picture.  But it’s too cute not to share.

So why have I been MIA all week?  I’ve been struggling with a block I’m designing for an upcoming blog hop.  Struggling is probably an understatement.  I’ve drawn at least 25 blocks in EQ and I still don’t have a block I love that I can actually make.

I do have a favorite design but so far it’s proving to be a pain in the rear!  There was a design flaw in my original drawing so the block wasn’t sew-able.  The first attempt at sewing it together ended with a temper tantrum and me throwing away several hours of work.

Then, I decided to go a completely different route and I made a perfectly lovely block.  But, it just doesn’t have enough pizazz for me.  It’s a nice block and I’ll share the pattern with you all but I don’t feel it has enough wow factor.  Ugh…I went back to EQ to revisit my favorite design.  I was able to fix the design and make it sew-able…or so I thought.

I spent all day yesterday sewing and sewing and the block was looking awesome.  I made it all the way to the final 4 seams before I wanted to bang my head repeatedly against a brick wall.  I would just like to say it’s never a good idea to have 16 pieces of fabric converging in the center of a block.  Apparently I overlooked that small detail when I tried to fix my design.

Do you see this mess?

Seriously, the seam was about a 1/2″ thick.  I knew there was no way I could sew it together {it didn’t even fit under the presser foot} but what did I do???  I tried to sew it together.  I didn’t know a needle could break into that many pieces.  I almost put my eye out when one of the pieces whizzed past my head.  Safety goggles would have been a good idea.

I have a love-hate relationship with this block and EQ.  I’m just too stubborn {or stupid} to give up so I went back to EQ to see if I could fix the center.  I think I just might have it figured out but who knows.  Looks like I’ll be sewing another block today….maybe.  I might take a day off so no one gets hurt.  If it doesn’t work this time you all will probably hear my screams all across the world.

Wish me luck…I think I need it.

13 thoughts on “Some Blocks are Impossible!”

  1. Good luck!!

    Having sewn things where a ton of triangles meet in the corner, I can recommend pressing everything to the left to cut down bulk at the centre. It’s not a perfect method (and since I press almost everything open, a counter-intuitive one) but going clockwise or counterclockwise will those seams nest. Also, bigger needle.

  2. Well I can’t see Hannah’s shoes but I’m loving Cole’s shoes! Very cute couple. And don’t throw that block away; maybe save it by cutting a big hole out of the middle and appliqueing something over it, dresdan style?

  3. I’m thinking along the same lines as Kathy – applique a shape over the center and cut the offending lump away!

    Your daughter and her bestie look fabulous and I bet they had a fabulous time together at the prom! Love that first dramatic pic of her AND the photo booth pic is a crack up!!

  4. I agree with the other quilter who mentioned pressing everything to the left (or right, I’ve heard pressing your seams open weakens them, especially if you stitch in the ditch because you are stitching through your seam). Also if you trim your seam allowance at a 45 degree angle on at least half of the seams where it comes together it will reduce your bulk. I can’t wait to see your block, you make such amazing things.

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