My Birthday Present & A Quilt Along Update

Oh boy, the last 4 days have been rough around here.  What started as bad allergies has ended in a monster cold that is kicking my rear!  I did not know my eyes could water this much…it’s terrible.  I’m less than thrilled with the timing of this stupid cold.  I have things to do.  Gah!

I wanted to take a moment and give a little update on the quilt along.  I hope to have the pattern finished in the next couple of days.  Once that is finished, I will nail down the schedule and update the quilt along page.  Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to get the pattern, fabric and supplies that you need.  I do have several fat quarter bundles that will be available at reasonable prices.  And I plan on offering background fabric at a discount.  Of course, you are not required to purchase the fabric from me.
There will be a minimal fee of $5.00 for the pattern for participants.  The pattern will eventually be sold at the regular price of $10.00.  Don’t worry, I’ll have all the information on how to purchase the pattern once I get it finished.  I do ask participants to NOT share the pattern.  I have poured a lot of work into this one.

You do not need to have a blog to participate.  Anyone can participate.  I have created a Texas Teardrops Flickr group where we can share pictures and get to know each other.  It’s also a good place to ask questions if you have any.  I’m very excited for this quilt along!  I can’t wait to see all the quilts!

Now it’s time for a little show and tell.  I have to show off my birthday present that I got last week from mom and my sister, Kathy.  This was a joint project between the two of them.  Kathy did all the piecing and mom did the quilting and binding.  Keep in mind, it was Kathy’s first ever quilting project.

I love it!  I think they did a fantastic job.

Mom and Gene found the purple dish at Hobby Lobby. Purple is my favorite color.

I really love the fabric they found for the back.  Let’s take a look.

And a final close up look at my table runner.
I think mom did a fantastic job with the quilting.  I just love my present!  Thank you both for such a beautiful gift!  Love you both!
It’s time for medicine and a little rest.  Maybe I can squeeze in a little work too.

9 thoughts on “My Birthday Present & A Quilt Along Update”

  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you’re better soon.
    Our mom and sister did a great job on the table runner. It’s very nice.

  2. Happy birthday. Wow this table runner is wonderful. I too love the quilting your mom did. What a truly wonderful gift. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. What a lovely Birthday gift. Gorgeous runner. Happy birthdya and I hope you feel better soon. Rest recuperate and surround yourself with friends, family, fun & fabric.

  4. Happy belated birthday Vicki and I’m so sorry that you have been so sick! That is never fun. What a beautiful tablerunner your mom and sister made for you!! Can’t wait to see what fabric bundles you’ve picked out for the QAL!

  5. Beautiful Quilt – very nice birthday present! Happy Belated Birthday. I just wanted to let you know I lifted your quilt picture (Texas Teardrops along with your link) – and used it in my blog post about your QAL. I was pretty sure that would be okay with you, if not just let me know. I also put your button on my sideboard.

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