Frugal Fridaaaaay

Happy Friday!  At this very moment I’m having a blast wandering around the Moda warehouse getting a few supplies for the quilt along.  I hope I don’t get lost…you might have send out a search and rescue party to find me.

I bet you can guess that means I won’t be able to send invoices for Frugal Friday items until later this evening.  Go ahead and leave comments for what you would like and I’ll get the invoices sent as soon as I get home.
Here’s how it works.  I’ll post pictures and details of what’s available.  If you see something you like just leave a comment.  I’ll need email addresses for invoicing purposes ~ so if you’re a no reply blogger you might miss out.  There’s only one available item for each picture so first person to comment gets it.  Each item is numbered so you can reference that in the comments.  That should eliminate any confusion on which item you would like.Shipping…this is a little tricky.  I will not ever charge you all more than actual shipping.  It’s hard for me to give actual costs here without knowing if you will purchase more than one tidbit.  Therefore here are some basic guidelines (US customers only):

  1. In order to ship First Class the order has to weigh less than 13 ounces {that’s about 2 yards of fabric}
  2. First Class Shipping is based on location but usually costs less than $3.75
  3. A Flat Rate Priority Envelope is $5.15 and I can fit up to 7 yards, mix and match, in there.
  4. If you should pay more than the actual shipping I will refund the difference.
  5. Minky shipping runs a little higher because it’s bulky and weighs more.  Sorry…I wish I could change that.
If you have any questions you can email me anytime at  Please note…international shipping charges are much higher.  Please email me if you are outside the US and you would like a shipping quote.
Let’s take a look at today’s goodies…

(1) $9.50 a yard, Zebra Texture Minky, 2.75 yards available  SOLD
(2) $9.50 a yard, Zebra Texture Minky, 3.5 yards available  SOLD
(3) $9.50 a yard, Turquoise Minky, 2.5 yards available
(4) $9.50 a yard, Zebra Texture Minky, 1.5 yards available
(5) $4.00 a yard, Valori Wells Wrenly, 3.5 yards available  SOLD
(6) $4.00 a yard, Jennifer Paganelli, 6  3.5 yards available
(7) $4.50 a yard, Tula Pink Dusk, 4 yards available  SOLD

(8) $4.50 a yard, Tula Pink Pomegranate, 9 1.5 yards available

(9) $4.50 a yard, Riley Blake Stripe, 3.5 yards available  SOLD
(10) $4.50 a yard, Jay McCarroll Habitat, 11 yards available
(11) $4.50 a yard, Valori Wells Wrenly, 9 yards available
(12) $4.50 a yard, Valori Wells Wrenly, 6 yards available


Please, please leave your email address in the comment if there’s any chance you are a no-reply blogger.  Otherwise, I have no way of contacting you and I would hate for you all to think I’m not responding when, in fact, I can’t.

Don’t forget, it will take me awhile to send out invoices.   And make sure you check yesterday’s post to find out about our current giveaway.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Get ready for Monday!  We get to start our quilt along.  I’m so excited!

11 thoughts on “Frugal Fridaaaaay”

  1. I’d love all of the pink minky and all of the white minky!! If you can’t get a hold of your anonymous poster, I’ll take all the pink, if you can get in touch with them, I’ll take what is left!! Thanks!!

  2. I love 11 and 12. If I took a yard of each of them and you shipped it with the Happy Tones 2 bundle would the shipping still be $14? I know I’m a cheapskate but I like to economize as much as I can on shipping….

  3. Girl – you are bad for my fabric stash!!! Okay, so here’s what I’d love:

    #6 – 2.5 yards
    #8 – 2.5 yards
    #10- 3 yards


    Thanks! 🙂

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