Doing a Happy Dance

Can you all see me doing my happy dance???  It’s probably best that you can’t since I cannot dance.  I finished the Texas Teardrops pattern.  Woo Hoo!!!  That’s a very good thing since we are scheduled to start in less than 2 weeks.  I’d like to blame it all on my cold, but let’s face it, I’m a master procrastinator.

And I even finished photographing all the bundles that will be available.  Well, most of them.  I have two more sets to cut and photograph but I think I’m out of gas for today.

Do you want to see a little peek of my newest version of the quilt?  Of course you do.  This fabric is from Riley Blake and it’s called Ladybug Garden.  It’s just too cute for words.

It’s not quilted yet but I have plenty of time to do that.  I think I love it!

Before I go for now I have to share a hilarious story.  I was sitting in my recliner yesterday working hard on my pattern.  All of a sudden there was a loud BANG on our patio door.  I just about jumped out of the chair.

I slowly turned around hoping I wouldn’t be eye to eye with someone trying to break into my house.  I fully expected to see my husband standing there laughing because he succeeded in scaring the holy crackers out of me once again.

You see, this is common around our house.  I can’t even walk down the hall at night without the fear of someone jumping out and scaring me.  My kids even get in on the action.  It’s just not right.  But I digress…yesterday there was absolutely nothing on the other side of the door.  I was baffled but I went back to work.

A few minutes later it was time to leave and get Jake from school.  I looked out the door as I walked by and almost fell over laughing.

This is what I saw on the patio about 4 or 5 feet away from our door.

This silly bird was toes up on our patio.  I can’t help it…I laughed and laughed.  It just really cracked me up.

I left to get Jake and when I got home, about 20 minutes later, I thought I would check on the bird.  As I walked to the door I saw him stand up and when I busted out laughing he flew off.  He hit the door so hard he knocked himself out for over 20 minutes!  That is one talented bird.

Door 1. Bird 0.

17 thoughts on “Doing a Happy Dance”

  1. I had a little bird do the same thing recently. The bird must have been blind because my windows are far too dirty to be so transparent to trick a bird lol
    AmandaK@ whatthebobbin

  2. Beautiful quilt Vicki and fun fabrics! We used to have birds do that all the time when we lived in a different house in the country. Big picture windows…..sometimes the birds didn’t get back up again 🙁

  3. Love the new quilt!! Great fabrics. April is right around the corner and I’m still excited about the QAL.
    Poor little trick bird. :/ lol We get a lot of birds flying into our windows, too. Sadly, like Connie’s birds, most do not get up. 🙁 I finally had to get some decals for our sliding glass door and kitchen window and that has saved many little lives. Now if I could just get the darned bear to stay off our porches I’d be a happy camper. Thankfully HE or she does not hit the window!! roflol
    Have a great weekend!

  4. My family has the same tradition of scaring pranks!! You know it’s bad when nature gets in on the joke. lol

    My hubby screams like a girl when I scare him, which is awesome since he is usually wearing his Army uniform and looking like a tough guy. 🙂

  5. We have very large windows at our home and many birds think they can fly through to the other side. Most dont make it and some do. Spring is almost here and I hope this year the birds will be safe. I love your colors in this quilt. I hope its ment for a confident beginner. I am excited to start.

  6. Okay – Yes that is hilarious! I’m laughing out loud – good thing I’m by myself so that people don’t stare at me. Love the fabrics you are using for the Texas Teardrops.

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