Beat the Winter Blues – Quilters’ Blog Hop GIVEAWAY Party

Happy Friday fellow quilters!  I know some of you are stopping by today expecting Frugal Friday, don’t worry it will show up just a bit later today.

First things first…it’s time to Beat the Winter Blues with Michele over at the Quilting Gallery.  She has almost 200 bloggers signed up for this Blog Hop Giveaway Party!  What does that mean?  That means you better get hopping and try to win lots of prizes!

Before I spill the beans and tell you about the prize I would like to welcome all the new folks visiting us for the first time today.  I {Vicki} blog here on a regular basis and every now and then my wonderful mom shows up.  She stays super busy taking care of my step dad.  He suffered a massive stroke in 2011 and requires her assistance.

Mom loves to make clothes and quilts.  I mostly love to make quilts.  And, we’ve designed several quilts together.  I love using Roscoe {my Gammill} but I hate binding.  Gag.

We are getting ready to host our very first Quilt Along for my Texas Teardrops pattern.  It’s set to begin in April.  I hope you will join us.

You can find info here and I’m updating it as I finalize the details.  Here’s a picture of the original Texas Teardrops quilt which won the Favorite Applique category in the Fall 2012 Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

I hope you will have a look around our blog and come back again.  And now for the giveaway…

I have a wonderful Michael Miller Happy Tones charm pack to giveaway to one lucky winner.  Plus as a bonus I’m throwing in a surprise.  Who doesn’t love a surprise?  I know I do!!

This charm pack makes me happy, happy, happy {my Duck Dynasty is showing}.  I couldn’t resist.

Entering is easy.  Leave us a comment.  Tell us something you would like to learn more about, quilting related preferably.  Or, what’s your favorite quilting tool or pattern?  That’s it.  Easy enough?  If you are an overachiever, like me, you can earn some extra entries.  Find us on Twitter and follow us.  Or find us on Pinterest and follow us.  I have links for both in the right sidebar.  Just click the buttons and then come back and leave a comment letting us know you did.  You can also Tweet the giveaway.

The giveaway is open until Thursday, March 14th at 11:59 PM.  Don’t go too far…I’ll be updating Frugal Friday later today.  I have some awesome deals today.

Have a fantastic weekend!  I’m going to be working away on the Quilt Along.  Lots of administrative work to get finished so we can start our Quilt Along adventure.

387 thoughts on “Beat the Winter Blues – Quilters’ Blog Hop GIVEAWAY Party”

  1. I so wish I knew how to FMQ. It scares me. I’m going to try to master something basic this summer when I have time to practice.

  2. Hi Vicki.I want to do some quilting on my machine with my walking foot, but I would like to try something more than simple lines or swirls. Maybe you could post some quilting designs? Thank you so much for your giveaway.

  3. What don’t I want to learn… I am a beginner! My friend is teaching my ten year old daughter and I how to quilt. My daughter started her quilt last year and we have worked on it. We still have to back it, bind it and quilt it. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. I’m following your quilt/fabric Pinterest boards (can’t follow recipe ones; I’m easily tempted). 🙂 I’m giddy99 over there, too. 🙂

  5. I would really love to learn free motion quilting with my machine. I have tried it on small pieces before, but am completely unsure about it yet, and I haven’t tried it on my new machine yet. But I started learning paper-piecing, which was one of my goals this year and I love it.

    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful charm pack! 🙂

  6. something I’d like to know more of in quilting is embroidery, I’m getting a “new to me” 6 needle embroidery machine next week, and I’m looking for STUFF to make. up until now I’ve only done quilt labels on my mickey embroidery machine, I DID to some applique in the hoop but it’s small 🙂

  7. I have made my first trial with FMQ. I took a class at Craftsy and quilted a whole quilt. It was so fun and I hope I will improve my skill rapidly.
    I have been a follower for long and I love your blog

  8. I love this fabric Vicki! I haven’t seen it before.

    I REALLY want to learn how to FMQ better. I’d LIKE to have a long arm but, that isn’t going to happen right now so I want to learn how on my Janome. I’ve taken one class and know I need to practice more. Practice.. sounds like a bad thing LOL

    I’m a follower and thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous fabric!

  9. I would like to learn more about free motion quilting on my machine. I do mostly hand quilting, but large quilts take so long. Would love a long arm, but no room at the old homestead. Thanks for the giveaway. I am also doing this blog giveway. 🙂

  10. I love your teardrop quilt and am looking forward to the quilt along in April. 🙂

    I’ll be back in a bit to check out frugal Friday! 😉

  11. love my circle cutter … it has me going around in circles! have cut lots of circles for different purposes out of my scraps, and to top it off, i just brought home a sewing circles attachment for my sewing machine.

  12. i LOVE your Texas Teardrop quilt! So beautiful! I too would love to learn how to baste a quilt without puckers.

    thanks for the chance to win.


    uschbear at gmail dot com

  13. This pack looks yummy. I am fairly new to quilting, I want to learn how to make a dresden, how to FMQ, how to machine applique, oh my so much, LOL.Thnks for a chanc to win.

  14. I am so excited about your Texas Teardrop quilt-a-long!!! I LOVE that quilt! I have already got my background fabric and I’m auditioning fabrics for the teardrops. I’m going to do it a bit differently though…I don’t do applique unless it is fusible, but I’m going to do this on my longarm! Which, of course, brings me to my favorite quilting tool…my Innova!!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  15. thank you so much Vicky for this lovely giveaway ^_^ I’d like to learn many things but I’m so scared to get started, maybe FMQ at home and lately I’m in love with bargello style quilts

  16. I love appique and would like to learn about some tried and true techniques and tips! Thanks for Beating the Blue out of Winter!!

  17. What a beautiful quilt! I actually want to learn more about applique for quilting! So I’ve just clicked on your quilt along link, I’ve never quilted along before! I’m joining in the blog hop too so feel free to pop over!

  18. I really love your quilt Vicki. It really is a beautiful pattern. But, the one thing I’ve not tried yet is applique. I’ve done plenty on my embroidery machine using applique embroidery designs, but nothing without the digitized applique. I might be really good at it once I get over the fear of trying. OR I might be the worst person to applique in the history of the world. LOL Who knows.

    Have a great weekend Vicki.

  19. Thank you for the chance to win. I am afraid of applique, so I’d love to see that. The more I read about it the braver I will get.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. I would like to learn free motion quilting and applique. Both sort of scare me. Love the fabric in your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  21. I love the Texas Teardrop!! It’s really wonderful. I would love to learn how to do that. I’m just visiting your page but I’m sure you gave some tips somewhere. A new fabric givewaway would sure be a good way to start!

  22. I love your blog and love the charm pack. It has such pretty colors in it. I have tried FMQ, but am not good at it. It is hard for me to keep even stitches. I would love to learn how to it it better.

  23. I’m still learning, so just about ANYTHING is interesting to me! I find some of the “older” less popular styles to be interesting (and intimidating) like trapunto (which I’m totally sure I spelled incorrectly).

  24. Right now I’m learning to use that fabric gel pen that erases when you put an iron to it. It’s pretty cool. Thank you for a chance to win. A surprise would be super sweet, especially Tula Pink!! (Just kidding) judy

  25. I’d like to learn more about free motion quilting. It would be great to have suggestions on easy patterns to start with, then ones to gradually build your skills. Thanks!

  26. I’d like to learn more about bias and non-bias cutting and how it really affects everything. Sure, I could probably look it up but there are always other things to do!

  27. I would love to learn more about the process of FMQ. My favorite tool is about to be my GO! Baby, I just know it! I’m waiting on my dies to come in mail. Thanks for the giveaway oh and I love Duck Dynasty!

  28. I would love to learn FMQ on a longarm machine – dreaming! Ohhhh the Happy Tones are so pretty! I am already a follower. I already follow you on facebook and I already am following you on Pinterest.Okay! I am now a twitter follower!

  29. First I want to tell you, I am super excited for the quilt along. April 1st I will finally get my sewing machine back from storage, and I can’t wait to start quilting! Second, what will the difficulty level be for the quilt along. I have never made a quilt before, do you think a beginner would be ok trying this? Third, this month I am learning how to make a Hawaiian quilted pillow (hand quilting). Love your blog!

  30. I NEED to learn more about FMQ. I always LIKE to see new patterns and designs. Recently, I’ve also been attracted to posts about quilting by hand. I’ve never tried it, but I might give it a shot sometime. I follow by email and I enjoy receiving your posts. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  31. Hi, I guess I would like to learn more about 8 pointed stars and that whole mysterious thing one does to avoid the center lumping. I just don’t get it. Anyway, great site and thanks!

  32. To improve and feel more confident with free-motion machine quilting would be very nice. Thank-you for continually challenging and stimulating us through your posts.:)grace55(at)hushmail(dot)com

  33. Pretty fabric! My favorite tool is the seam ripper because I always seem to und up using it! I also would like to improve my quilting. I meander and would like to learn more FMQ

  34. I want to learn and practice ruler work on my longarm machine. I’d also like to learn and practice new free motion designs on it too.

  35. Texas Teardrops is beautiful! I want to learn how to use my longarm – which I bought second hand about four months ago and haven’t touched yet.

  36. I wish there was more info on machine quilting. So many people are doing long arm quilting that we kinda feel left out sometimes. I know I could probably do the same things on my domestic machine but somehow it seems harder. Tks for the giveaway.

  37. I’m hoping to be able to gain the confidence to FMQ sometime soon. I’m stuck on straight lines. I love the straight line quilting, but I’m needing to branch out! 🙂

  38. Free motion quilting is a biggie for me. I’m intimidated by the mere thought of FMQ! Love your teardrops quilt…I’ll be sure to check in for your quiltalong. Thanks sew much for this chance to win! 😀

  39. Free motion quilting is a biggie for me. I’m intimidated by the mere thought of FMQ! Love your teardrops quilt…I’ll be sure to check in for your quiltalong. Thanks sew much for this chance to win! 😀

  40. I am always wanting to pick up tips on quilting while following blogs. Those things that I read while watching great tutorials simply amaze me. Some people simply do things as if they always have done it while others just never knew those things. They see it in a tutorial and tadaa they pick up something new.

  41. I wish I knew how to applique. I just don’t know if my skills are quite up to par to start tackling this feat!

    I follow on pinterest

  42. A few days ago it was 15 degrees celcius, sunny and spring! But now it’s cold again and there is even a bit of snow…..brrr. Those loveley fabrics of yours give me a sping feeling and make me smile! My favorite quilting tool is my sewing machine! Pattern,? I love them all.
    Thank you for this great give away!

  43. Greetings from New Braunfels. I saw your TX Teardrops quilt on Connie’s site this morning, and just had to stop by to get a better look. I love it and became a follower so I can participate. I look forward to perusing your archived posts while enjoying my morning coffee when I have extra time. ~karen

  44. I love paper piecing but there are a few things I need patterns for that I can’t find and I’m not sure how to start the process of making a pattern.

  45. I would like to learn more secrets about perfect piecing. I see lots of quilters and make their seams swirl but if I get more than four together, I am at a loss for how to nest them.

  46. You’re going to laugh. My favourite quilting tool is my antique thimble, followed closely by my 6×12″ ruler. I love finding quick tips that make a block/pattern easier. Very much looking forward to the Teardrops QAL. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I wish I could learn to use my midarm (HQ16) more effectively. As a rule I don’t care for intense quilting but I want more than I am comfortable putting on. Thanks for the super giveaway. That is so cool that you share a blog with your mom.

  48. Gosh I love that teardrop quilt …….. its so striking!
    Ive had a wander through your posts and this is a lovely place to come visit, thank you so much!
    Im afraid I need to seriously practise machine quilting lol and it may take me a long time !
    Fab fabrics, thank you for the opportunity to take part in a draw : ) Lyn

  49. I want to learn how to do inset seams accurately the first time.
    I just became a follower as I also want to do your quilt along. That is a most unique quilt. Hope I can make it in a smaller size. Looking forward to it starting. Thanks

  50. I’d like to do some more applique, and I am thrilled that you will be doing the Texas Teardrops, so I’m going to follow…even though I don’t need yet another WIP. I learned applique with my one and only class I took, a sampler quilt, and really enjoy the hand work.

  51. I’ve been a follower for a while. I like to do more with scraps. I’ve been using them for starters & stoppers and made a few quilts with those….thinking of doing something with strips. Thanks for letting us visit.

  52. Your Texas Tears quilt is beautiful! I’m going to check out your info about the quilt along. I would love to learn how to FMQ. I have tried alittle but I’d really love to learn.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  53. I need to get brave & try to learn FMQ, I tried it soon after I started quilting nearly 2 years ago. My first attempt was so awful that I haven’t tried again. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  54. I would like to learn how to paper piece. I tried it years ago and it didn’t go very well! I love your Texas Tear Drop. I will have to come back for you quilt along!!

  55. Beautiful teardrop quilt. I tend to stay away from any curved piecing. I would like to learn more about that as well as improve my FMQ on the long arm. I tend to quilt the same design all the time.

  56. One of my all time favorite quilt patterns is Yellow Brick Road. For people like me that just can’t do “freestyle”, it’s a way to achieve a random look while still having a specific pattern to follow. Plus it uses fat quarters, and who doesn’t love that? 🙂

  57. I would love to design my own applique….but I think my problem is time (or rather, lack thereof!).

    Wonderful giveway! Love your blog!


  58. My favorite tool right now is my iPad. I have been downloading my patterns onto it and it has saved a lot of ink. Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. Your Texas Teardrop quilt along sounds really fun to make. I really enjoy quiltalongs and tutorials. You are aways learning and you have an experienced quilter to help you along the way. Your giveways are unique in that you are going to surprise us and also give us fabric. Sounds good to me. We all want fabric and we all want to chase these winter blues away with a new quilting project or two.

    Sandi Timmons
    Sonora, CA

  60. I really want to learn how to sew curves. i also want to learn how to quilt both by hand and FMQ! Thanks for this awesome giveaway I LOVE that fabric.

  61. I don’t know what I would do without my rotary cutter! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, that is a happy little bundle, you are right! Yummy!

  62. Truth? I need to learn how to cut fabric so that I don’t get the curve in the middle. After a decade, I’m still battling that and it drives me crazy.

  63. I’m not sure what I might want to learn, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to get better at! My favorite tool is Wonder Under, I do a lot of machine applique and really love my fusible!
    Waiting none too patiently for the Texas Teardrop QAL to get started!

  64. My favorite notion is my surgical seam ripper…and that’s also the thing I wish I was more comfortable using! Makes me nervous when I hit a snag that I’ll rip a hole my fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. I sure wish I could machine quilt. I’d probably finish more quilts if I could quilt them. This fabric is spring , we just have snow drifts and ice, yuck.

  66. I love my bias maker. Cut, load and press play and then keep doing what you were doing. Press stop and attach the ready made bias in any fabric or style to your project. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  67. I would love to learn more about free motion quilting. I don’t know why it scares me so much! I guess I just don’t want to ruin something that I spend so much time making.

  68. Being new to quilting I’m still searching for basic instruction on planning, piecing and putting it all together. LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win. I am a new follower. I know I will glean a lot of useful information from your blog. Thank You.

  69. I Love the Happy Tones Fabrics by Michael Miller! I would love to know how not to distort or stretch fabric when thread painting. I would love to learn more fiber techniques!

  70. I would like to learn more about paper piecing. It looks really complicated sometimes, others it looks really simple! I think it is a mental block of mine, more than anything else!

  71. I would like to know how to get started. What should I try first- a pillow, a lap quilt, what techniques? I’m overwhelmed at all the possibilities.
    Thank you!

  72. What a lovely giveaway. If I didn’t have a rotary cutter and mat I don’t think I would quilt. My first quilts were made with cardboard patterns and scissors. I don’t wanna go back to that!

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