Someone’s Been Quilting…

I finished another quilt today.  I use the word finished lightly as it still needs binding.  Gag.  I might try to get the binding on tomorrow before I start quilting again.  Or I might skip the binding and quilt.  Where is my binding fairy?  She’s never here when I need her.

This is another one of my designs.  It’s another No Name quilt because I suck at naming them.  The colors in this one are soft and a little unusual for me.  I’m not normally a soft color kind of person.  I love vibrant colors but I do love how this one looks.  {I used Kate Spain’s Fandango collection}

I decided to try some new quilting on this one.  I used a wiggly swirly spiral that kind of looks like a wavy rose.  I thought it would look nice with the floral prints.  I pleased with the overall effect.  It was a little tricky because the sashing is narrow so I squished the stitches in some places.

I tried another first with this one.  I used a light aqua thread {Superior’s So Fine #50}.  Normally I would have picked an ivory color to help hide the thread.  I have to say the colored thread isn’t my favorite but it’s growing on me.  I did LOVE the So Fine #50 thread!  It’s my new favorite thread.  It’s virtually lint free and sews beautifully.

This is also the first quilt I’ve ever quilted with the cathedral like corners.  I love how they look but what a pain in the rear to quilt!  I had to quilt around them.  100% disclosure…I might have accidentally stitched a few down.  Last time I checked the quilt police don’t live here so I won’t be getting arrested for reckless quilting.

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell for today.  I’ll snap a few more pictures after I get binding on it because the pictures from today aren’t the greatest.  I waited a little too late in the day so they are kind of dark.

On a side note…you MUST go check out a couple versions of my Swirly Twirly Dresden block.  Cyn {Cyn’s Quilted Travels} & Melissa {Sew BitterSweet Designs}  both made awesome blocks using my pattern!  Has anyone else tried?  I’d love to see pictures.  Please email me and let me know if you made one!

26 thoughts on “Someone’s Been Quilting…”

  1. When the binding fairy has finished at yours and Melissa’s you can send her my way please. does she have a cousin basting fairy?
    I love the design it looks very pretty in the Fandango, and the quilting is really nice too.

  2. Love the quilt, Vicki.The design is beautiful and the colors are wonderful. I like the soft look. I think it is very feminine. And, of course, your quilting is fantastic-as always.
    I saw the blocks on the other sites and they were very stricking with the black that they used. Isn’t it amazing how you can get a totally different look just by changing the colors of the fabrics? I loved the one that you made using the pink. It also looked very soft and feminine. I think it would look great in a baby quilt.
    Hope you have a wonderful and happy Valentines Day.

  3. The blue thread looks fabulous. As always, if I were your neighbor I’d be your binding fairy. That part doesn’t bother me near as much as the basting!

  4. Vicki, it turned out absolutely lovely! So soft and restful. I love bold and bright too, AND am totally drawn to peaceful, restful aqua/blue/green recently. This just feels like a quilt I would love.

  5. Your new quilt is wonderful. The new quilting design you chose is fabulous… love it!
    Hey… if you lived next door you wouldn’t need a binding fairy! I love to bind! lol. It’s a sickness i guess. *g*
    Thank you for the shout-back. I saw Melissa’s Twirly and hers is super!

  6. I think your photos are great! The quilting is fantastic – you were right to choose that design, as it goes perfectly with the fabric (love all of Kate Spain’s fabric!). And what a great quilt design – how clever are you! I can’t suggest a name, as I’m pretty terrible at naming too!!

  7. The quilt looks wonderful and so does the quilting. Great color choices and the thread really makes it pop. If you find the binding fairy can you send her my way. I am also on the look out for the cleaning fairy. Either one will do 🙂

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