Throwing in the Towel

Well, that’s it.  I had to throw in the towel.  Surrender.  Wave the white flag.  I just did not have enough time to finish my Project Quilting Challenge piece.  The deadline was today at noon.  You should really pop over to Flickr and check out all the awesome projects that were submitted.

But…all is not lost.  I now have an idea for my next quilt that’s based on the blocks from the challenge.  I do plan on finishing what I started even though I’m still not sure what exactly it will be.  A wall hanging maybe.  Or table topper.  Hmmmm…I’m just not sure.  Here’s a look at my blocks after I put 4 together.

Quilting Lodge Curvy Square Blocks
Quilting Lodge Curvy Square Blocks

I really LOVE the top left block with the solid pink outer ring.  It’s my favorite!

I’ve been a busy little bee over the weekend.  Lots of website maintenance and computer work.  YUCK!  But, that just means I’ll be ready to start the week out sewing!  I really need to get started on my January goals since the month is basically half over.  Where does the time go???

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  And make sure to keep an eye out…there might be a giveaway in the near future.  Someone has a birthday coming up.  I really wish it wasn’t me ~ I hate getting OLD!

21 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel”

  1. Vicki — I agree! I love the pink solid border block and the gray one as well… the design and fabric choices are really neat!

    I had to wave the white flag for my square in a square today too — I didn’t realize the deadline was 1 est. Oh well… next time.


  2. Hey, if that’s the towel, how bout throwing it in the mail right on over to my place!!! Hehe! It is gorgeous. My favorite one is the one with the gray on the outside but they are all beautiful!

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