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Happy Birthday to me!!!!  I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary of 28.  Man I just can’t believe I’m getting closer and closer to the top of the hill.  I hope I don’t hurt myself when I tumble uncontrollably and not so gracefully to the bottom.  I’ll probably break something.  You all better start praying now.

I’m trying to keep my mind off the getting older issue so I think we’ll have a giveaway.  After much thought and deliberation I decided on a Simply Color Junior Jelly roll full of awesome ombre fabrics.  I’m jealous because I’ve had my eyes on this junior jelly roll but haven’t had time to do anything with it.

And guess what?  I finished binding quilt number 3 yesterday!  Can you all believe that?  Three bindings in one week!  I only have one left to bind and that’s Mr. Fugly.  Now if you go back and read about Mr. Fugly you will find out I was out numbered on this one.  I do not like him but almost everyone commented about how nice and modern he is.  I think maybe you people were being nice and trying to make me feel better {insert big cheesy smile here}.

Okie dokie, it’s time for the giveaway rules.  There are basically no rules, well maybe just one.  You want to win this most awesomest junior jelly roll?  Leave us a comment.  If you would like an extra entry or two, just sign up to receive our email updates, tweet, or pin something.  But remember, if you get fancy and do more than one thing leave separate comments.

I forgot to say when this ends.  Let’s leave it open until 11:59 PM Tuesday January 22nd.  I’ll announce the winner Wednesday.  Good Luck!

Have a happy Saturday…I’ve been warned that my candles will probably start a forest fire.  My husband is a funny boy.  I think I’m going to nick name him Chuckles.

283 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway”

  1. Happy birthday! Hope that you have a great day! My sister’s birthday just passed, too, and at the restaurant they put a giant sparkler in the cake… talk about fire starter, haha. (ps…I would love that jelly roll, haha)

  2. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about sliding down the hill. From someone who’s zip lining down I just tell everyone I’m 126 but look and feel da** good for my age.

    As for Mr. Fugly, I still think he’s forever gorgeous.

  3. Happy Birthday, Vicki! Thanks for a great giveaway.
    True story-My daughter came home from school one day and wanted to know how old I was. I told her I was 29. I didn’t think anything else about it until the next day. She came home and said her teacher told her I couldn’t be 29 because her brother was 16.So I had to be older than that. What did her teacher know anyway!

  4. best birthday wishes for you! wouldn’t worry about the top of the hill … that’s a myth; we keep on going ’til we fall off the cliff. tip: use two number candles. love that mini roll! thanx for the chance to win some honey honey!

  5. i’m a follower 🙂 it just dawned on me … i mentioned honey honey as your giveaway – that was a giveaway in the last post i read on my blog reader. senior moment. sorry.

  6. Happy Birthday to you!! It’s so wonderful to share something with your readers on your special day… keep on celebrating that wonderful #28!! I’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of that # this year!! Be especially blessed!

  7. Happy birthday! My Dad always said my Mom was celebrating the (insert number) anniversary of her 29th birthday – sounds like you! Enjoy! Each year gets better and better.

  8. Ooh Happy Birthday Vicki. How funny we not only share the same name BUT the same birth month too!(my birthday was on the 10th and my twin boy’s had theirs on the 15th) HAHA Sadly, I can say that I am MUCH older than you are, you young chicken you! LOL

    We also share the love of Simply Color as well it appears. I have wanted that fabric since Vanessa first showed a sneak peek of it last year. I would be thrilled to win. Ok, so would everyone else I guess.

    Have a great birthday. Oh yea, and the other side of that hill isn’t TOO bad. Of course, I could be lying. hehe

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you get some wonderful fabric goodies yourself with your forest fire starting cake 😉 Wow that makes me glad I don’t have kids, they get too clever for their own good!

  10. Happy Birthday from a follower who has already slid way down the other side of the hill! It’s not that bad, especially when it involves grandchildren!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I am enjoying my bdays of late more and more as I make them last for a week….having to schedule lunches with friends is usually a weeklong event:) haha!!!
    have a great day or week:)

  12. Happy birthday!!! A word of warning…they come closer together every year! Remember how long it was between birthdays when you were a kid…now it feels more like it’s Black Friday and *bam* it’s Christmas! Soon it will feel like it’s Christmas Eve and the crazy sales day Dec. 26!! Thank you for giving us a gift on your birthday!!!

  13. Happy, happy birthday to you! I think you’re still on the way up as far as years go…. Thanks for offering the giveaway.
    Nancy from joy for grace

  14. Happy birthday to you! January birthdays are great because the “new year, new start” feeling is reinforced & reinvigorated, don’t you think? Enjoy.

  15. I really meant what I said when I said I really like Mr Fugly. If I had not, I would never have left a comment … as in “say nothing at all if you do not have anything nice to say” … 😉 I like Mr Fugly! Thanks for the chance to win the great giveaway … 🙂 Pat

  16. Enjoy your birthday! On ground hogs day I’ll be 48, I feel your pain. ;-> Its only a number, I don’t feel my age so it doesn’t matter. I hope you have a wonderful day. ;-> Toni Anne

  17. 1. First & Foremost…Happy Birthday! (I dreaded 30, 40 didn’t even phase me…. 40 is the new 20, so if you’re doing anything with a hill, it better be sledding or hill rolling!)

    2. Love the Jelly Roll, but LOVE Mr. Fugly (guess I have no taste LOL!) I’m a brown girl through and through. My quilts are evenly split between BRIGHT AND LOUD and Black/Brown earth-toney muted whispery colors.

    3. If you feel bad about so many people fighting over a jelly roll…just send Mr. Fugly to me & I will grant your Birthday wish of making him disappear LOL!

    Enjoy your cake (be sure to have your sunglasses on for the candles…protective wear…shows you have a sense of humor..and hides the tear that escapes as you turn one year older…I mean…more experienced!)

  18. BTW, I hadn’t commented on Mr. Fugly but I checked it out today and I really like it…lovely colors, modern, and great placement. I don’t understand why you don’t really like it. ???

  19. Happy Birthday, Vicki! Don’t involve yourself with numbers [years] just enjoy the cake and presents! lol.
    Whenever you decide you don’t want Mr. Fugly anymore just holler… i can give him a lovely home here at my end of the keyboard! lol.

  20. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! My BD is Tuesday,
    the 22nd. Us January girls have
    to stick together. Thanks for the
    chance to win!


  21. Happy Birthday! 38 seems very young compared to 51 but 51 seems very very very young compared to 80. So live each day and enjoy. Good luck with your last binding. There’s a certain rush I get when I finish that last stitch – whether I liked the project or not!

  22. It’s true — it really does get better. Well, except for the creaks and groans. But consider it the music of old age, at least you’re still around 🙂 Great giveaway, I’d love to win!

  23. Happy Birthday to you! I just celebrated mine on the 15th, but I bet we’re approaching different hilltops! Just turned 59. I always say ‘the older I get, the younger old is!’

  24. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about getting to the top of the hill. Once you arrive there you wonder why you were dreading it so much! Best days of my life!

    Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  25. Happy birthday to you!! Celebrate loud and proud, who cares about the number!! Mine is in February and I ALWAYS get a birthday week. I tried to get the month one time but my whole family put the kibosh on that! Party poopers! Have a good one!

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