Our Newest Sewing Geek

Most of you know by now that mom and I finally got Kathy, my sister, sewing!  It took more than 10 years of convincing and millions of comments like “you quilt geeks” and “you guys are such geeks” but we persevered!  We actually convinced her to try sewing.  And…she loves it!  Now she’s a geek too!

She started with some small pillowcases which I shared awhile ago.  Then she tackled pillowcases for Nick & Claudia, her kiddos.

Nick’s king size pillowcase


Claudia’s Pillowcase


It matches her quilt that she got for Christmas.

She likes sewing so much that she even made some aprons for Christmas presents this year!

I’m so very proud of her for giving it a try.  And most importantly, she is doing awesome!  I can’t wait for her to try a quilt.

Is everyone ready for 2013?  I think I am but I’m not sure.  I wanted to sew today but my back is not cooperating.  Ugh.  I have a ton of things that I’d like to do next year.  I think I need to make a list and just get busy.

Just so you know…Texas Teardrops is on the top of the list.  I am close to having a pattern ready.  I just need to decide if we’re doing a quilt along.

A huge thank you to all of you for all the encouragement over the last year.  I look forward to more adventures with you in 2013!

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  1. Hahaha, my 8 year old son calls me a quilting geek :o) I’m trying to convince my sister to give quilting a try (she already sews). I adore Texas teardrops, I might be up for a QAL…

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