A Little Christmas Humor

Happy Friday!  Normally we host Frugal Friday on Fridays but today I was busy wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas.  So, I decided to take a break this week and just enjoy the Christmas season.  I hope everyone else is doing the same.

Today I’ve decided to share a little more about myself.  I don’t do that very often.  I usually focus on the quilts or my family.

Today started with a trip to the Dollar Store because I needed tape for my present wrapping adventures.  I found the tape and decided to check out the wrapping paper…and maybe some tags.

I spotted some cute bows when I was looking for the tags.  Now normally I wouldn’t buy bows or tags.  What can I say?  I’m a little weird {and cheap}.  Why bother sticking bows on presents just so they can be ripped off and thrown away?  And who needs tags when you can write the names directly on the packages?  {Mom is shaking her head right now and wondering how we could be related}

I grabbed the tags, tape, a new roll of paper and the bows and headed home.  I frantically started wrapping presents as soon as I walked in the door.  I really wanted to finish before I had to get Jake from school.  Mission accomplished.  All presents wrapped and ready to go.  And all presents are beautifully adorned with tags and bows.

There’s just one little detail I haven’t shared.  Did I mention I found the cutest LITTLE bows ever?  Seriously.  They’re not much bigger than a nickel.

I only bought them because I crack myself up and I knew it would make mom laugh.  After all, I had to wrap the presents she sent for the kids and I knew she would want bows on them.  So, I bought bows.

Can you even find the bow in the above picture??  {I put my Sonic cup in the picture for a size reference}  This is Hannah’s present from mom and Gene.  I sent mom a picture and asked if she could find the bow.  All she texted back was “You’re a mess.”  I can’t help it.  I crack myself up.  I’m still laughing!

The best part…mom and Gene have two crazy daughters.  I never, ever buy or use bows and Kathy saves every single bow she ever gets.  Talk about complete opposites.  Wonder if I should save these bows for Kathy???

I bought 12 bows for a dollar.  Best dollar I ever spent.

Merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Humor”

  1. Oh, what fun those little bows are. i’ll have to see if I can find some around here. Well, maybe for next Christmas because I was out today all day and told myself I wouldn’t be going back to a store before Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for telling us about those cute little bows.

  2. Hey Vicki…you sure you aren’t here in New Brunswick, Canada??? My husband did the same thing today!! He came home with the same cute bows and tags; He put them on my gifts and they are now under the tree. This totally surprised me….he normally wraps and has no tag on them…lol

    Merry Christmas Vicki

  3. The little bows are cute. I save ribbons, collect ribbons whenever I go away before Christmas, particularly from Germany, and have a large bag full. I probably need treatment for it! I also love Dollar Stores and Pound Shops (here in England). You never know what bargain you will find. Happy Christmas.

  4. You make me laugh. I am just like your Mom, maybe older. I used to put that curly stuff around the package to make it even harder to open. My children still add bows. It does make the packages look nice under the tree. Great buy and Merry Christmas.

  5. I hear ya! I used to be like your sister (must be in the name) and save every bow…problem was, I never used them! Just couldn’t bear to throw them away. Now, I don’t buy them, don’t save them, and I cut up last year’s Christmas cards and use them for gift tags!

  6. CUTE! It’s a good thing your a friend who lives a long distance away from me, cuz I’m the kind of friend who would buy you a coffee and deliver to you with a pretty bow or some other glitzy thing. LOL!!! Merry Christmas! Jane

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