Urban Expressway Quilt

Good Saturday evening!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.  I’m freezing!  It went from hot to cold here in north Texas.

Before I share the pictures from my latest quilt project I need to give a shout out to Kaitlan and Kate Brown.  Both of you ladies left comments on this week’s Frugal Friday post but you are no-reply bloggers.  Therefore, I have no way of contacting you.  Please email me if you’re still interested in the items.

I finished {minus binding} Hannah’s Urban Expressway quilt this week.

I think the swirly quilting turned out pretty good.  I learned a couple of important things with this quilt.  {1} It’s not a good idea to oil Roscoe mid-quilt.  That totally changed the tension and I had to readjust everything.  I did not know that would happen.  {2} My new extend-a-drive handles are awesome!  They really helped me control my speed.  I don’t have a stitch regulator so these handles helped me keep a constant speed.  I can’t drive as fast with them.  LOL

I think my flowers turned out pretty good. And I added some swirly things to fill out the squares.Urban-Expressway-Flower-Quilting

I really love this newspaper print fabric.  It’s one of my all time favorites!


What’s wrong with this next picture???  Take a close look.  Notice anything?  Yep, that’s right.  I totally missed a section on the black fabric.  Thank goodness it’s a small section only.  My hubby thinks I need to reload and fix it.  I think I’ll pass.  It would take longer to load it than to sew the little 2.5″ patch.  What do you all think?  Does it HAVE to be fixed???


Now, if any of you are keeping track this makes 4 quilts that need binding!  Yikes!  I think I better stop quilting and start binding but I hate that part…

This coming week will be super busy around here.  I’m participating in 2 block hops, one on Wednesday and one on Friday!  I can’t wait to show you all what I made.

8 thoughts on “Urban Expressway Quilt”

  1. It looks so amazing! You could always fix that small section on your “home” machine…

    I just machine bind, it is too hard on my hands to hand bind. Make it go faster too!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt and your quilting is great.
    I am with Melissa on the unquilted part. I would finish it on my domestic machine. I do think it is worth quilting.

  3. Yup… I agree with the others. Add a little quilting but do it on your DSM. Zip zip and you’re done. I had a project with a “thing”, but didn’t fix it… later the ‘thing’ is all I could see. Your quilt is wonderful and worth making you totally happy…eh?!

  4. definitely you should fix it, you have different choices, or you quilt it with your sewing machine or you can add a tag on it, or you could write your name as Patti said or the quilt name, it’s up to you now =)

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