Spaced Out 4 Patch {Tutorial}

Hello all!  A big welcome to those stopping by today for the first time.  I hope you will have a look around and stay awhile.

Today is my day on the Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop hosted by Beth at Plum & June.  If you haven’t been following along, you should.  There have been lots of great tutorials!

Here’s a brief look at 4 of my favorite recent projects…

Beth came up with some fun questions for us to answer so you all can get to know me a little better.

How long have you been quilting?  I have only been quilting about 4 or 5 years.  However, my super talented mom {who also blogs here when she has time} taught me how to sew when I was 6 or maybe 7.   I can’t really remember exactly.
Favorite Quilting Tip(s):  I’m not sure I have a favorite tip. Just relax and have fun.  There’s always more than one way to do something and they make seam rippers for a reason!
Favorite Blogging Tip:  I wish I had one!  I still consider myself new at this and rather inept.  So, my best tip is to make lots of blogging friends and bug the heck out of them to learn all you can!  That’s what I do.
Favorite fabric (or wish list fabric):  Hmmm…I’m not sure I have just one.  I really love batiks and all the modern fabrics.  I know, it’s a weird mix.
Favorite quilting tool:  It’s not really a tool but I have to say Roscoe {my Gammill}.  I love him!
Favorite music to listen to while quilting:  I don’t listen to music when I quilt.  I listen to the voices in my head.  {Just kidding…or am I???}
Favorite TV show while hand stitching:  I love love love Friends!  And I’ve just recently discovered The Big Bang Theory.
Binding – by hand or by machine?   Both…it depends on who the quilt is for.  I usually machine bind kids quilts for durability.
If I’d only known – what you wish you knew about blogging before you started your blog:  Oh boy, I wish I would’ve researched Blogger vs. Word Press.  And I wish I had known being a professional photographer and writer would be beneficial.  Both of which, I am NOT!

Now that I’ve babbled on and on it’s time for a little tutorial.  I’m calling this block Spaced Out 4 Patch.  I’m sure it’s nothing new but it’s very versatile.  So here we go…

Here’s a look at what you will need to put together a 6″ finished Spaced Out 4 Patch.


First you will sew the white blocks to the purple strips.

Then you sew the middle purple strip in place.  It’s that easy…now you have a Spaced Out 4 Patch.

I went even further and added more borders around the basic Spaced Out 4 Patch.

I needed a 10″ finished block so I added borders and offset the 4 Patch for some extra pizazz!

Here’s a look at the measurements if you want to make a block like my 10″ block.

I’m not going to write a bunch of step by step instructions.  This block is simple enough that it’s very easy to see what I did in the pictures.  Just add each strip until you have a 10.5″ unfinished block!





Here’s a little look at how I plan on using the Spaced Out 4 Patch mixed with solid 10″ squares.  I’m going to do an every other kind of layout.

The versatility of this little block is endless.  You could add the same size border on each side or mix it up.  Or use it without any additional borders.  The choices go on and on!

I hope you have all enjoyed my little tutorial.  Make sure you stop by the other bloggers that are participating in the hop.

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  1. What a great little block, you’re absolutely right it could be used in many ways and look so different in different fabrics/colours! Great to find out a bit more about you on the blog hop 🙂

  2. Hi Vicki, nice to meet you on the blog hop. Your blog is adorable!! Lovely projects, too, especially the Leaf Me Alone owl. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to try it 🙂

  3. Texas Teardrops is drop dead gorgeous! Love it. Can’t wait to have time to spend time wandering around on your blog. I, too, am new to blogging. My husband teases me about just talking to myself. And, he may be right. LOL

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