Happy Halloween with a Spooktacular Surprise!

I can’t believe that it’s already Halloween.  Where does the time go?  Things have been a little quiet around here as far as quilting goes.  Monday was my beautiful daughter’s 16th birthday.  We spent the day with my dad and step mom and had a nice birthday dinner filled with lots of cake and ice cream.

Her best friend picked her up Monday morning and brought her flowers.  I apologize for the less than stellar cell phone pictures.

And I’m pretty sure she got the best birthday present ever…a gigantic jar of nutella.

I think her smile says it all.  She’s in heaven.  Grammy sure does know Hannah!

Unfortunately, we spent yesterday morning at the dentist because her not-so-great birthday present was a cracked up baby tooth that refused to come out on it’s own.  So, we had to get it pulled.

On the bright side she stayed home the rest of the day and she even took a nap!

Now how about a Spooktacular Halloween giveaway? I just happen to have 2 yards of some fabulous Ghastlies fabric that would love a new home!  This will be an easy one to enter…just leave a comment and tell us your favorite Halloween candy.  That’s it…easy peasy.

This fabric has a dusty rose background.  It kind of looks brown in the picture but it’s definitely a dusty dirty pink color.  Perfect for Halloween!

The giveaway is open until November 6th and I’ll announce the winner on November 7th.

Happy Halloween everyone!

59 thoughts on “Happy Halloween with a Spooktacular Surprise!”

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and hope her teeth aren’t giving her any more problems.
    I would love to have the ghastlies come and live with me so thanks for the chance. My favorite Halloween candy right now are butterfingers. i will save them for last for the trick or treaters!

  2. I agree with the last commenter — Butterfingers are my favorite also. Love the ghastlies and have plenty of room in my house for them to come stay with me. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Glad your daughter’s birthday turned out OK.

  3. vicki you have a beautiful DD. Happy 16th to her!
    Favorite candy? OMGosh, unfortunately it’s a long list. lol. But a mini Snicker’s Bar is always wonderful.

  4. Happy Birthday again to Hannah! My fave is the classic Candy Corn and this is the first year I haven’t had ANY! The Great Pumpkin has really fallen down on the job and didn’t get me any! I even went to 2 pumpkin patches!!!

  5. Hmmmm…..that’s a tough one. I’d have to say Butterfingers were always my favorite halloween candy. Or snickers – I’d pop them in the freezer!

  6. M&M’s for sure 🙂 Love the fabric, have been wanting to get some of this but haven’t yet. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Birthday to your daughter — WOW, to be 16 again !!!!

  7. Hiya! Happy 16th to Hannah!!! Sorry she had to deal with a bad tooth, hope it’s better now. Let’s see, there’s M&M’s, no, gotta be Reece’s cups, no wait, at Halloween, it’s definitely candy corn. Yep, gotta be candy corn, but only at Halloween, lol. Hope ya’ll get lots of candy that you like. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

    playamom57 at yahoo dot com

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter. I’m in the UK, and halloween was never really a thing when I was a kid – I don’t really know any halloween candy. But with November 5th coming up, I love bonfire toffee this time of year.

  9. I love this fabric and have it on my must buy list. I haven’t had the funds to buy it. I have to find it online because no one near me carries it. Thanks for a chance to win some.

  10. Sorry about the tooth! My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn (and my sweet husband brought me home a bag last night)but if you mean what would I want if I knocked on somebodies door? mini milky ways!

  11. Gosh, that cracked tooth sounds like no fun!! At least it’s out and all is well. I love the Ghastlies. I so hope this is my lucky day!! My favorite candy is the Heath bar! Or at least that’s one of my favorites. 🙂

  12. Happy Bday to your daughter. I was 16 once, twice, thrice,,,I’ll stop there! Hope her year is wonderful. I love Whoppers! Thanks for the chance to win one of my favourite fabrics!

  13. These days my favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. When I was a kid I thought they were a dud–what did I know? My mom benefited from my lack of taste then.

  14. What a fun fabric! And doesn’t life happen this way…. a little good and a little no so good :). Bring on the Butterfingers!

  15. I love all candy – but at Halloween it has to be candy corn, mixed with some dry roasted peanuts makes a good snack mix. Thanks for the give away – love the Ghastlies!

  16. The mini KitKats are my favorite! I bought two bags for Halloween and they were all gone 2 days before the date. Had to buy some more for the trick-or-treaters. Sweet sixteen is such a special day in a girls life, I am glad she enjoyed hers. The Ghastlies are the weirdest and fun would love to have some!

  17. Yea, I’m a bit behind over here since I’m just now reading this. I have to say that quilt and Nutella was a much better gift than the dentist.

    And YES!! I would be SO thrilled to win that fabric. I just adore that little girl in that fabric. I loved all the Ghastlies fabrics from last year but, I wasn’t as thrilled with them this year for some reason.
    Oh almost forgot, favorite Halloween candy? That’s a tough one because I like them all; chocolate and sour would be my most favorite though. Oh wait! That’s about all of them huh? You wanted the answer more narrowed down than that I suppose?? HAHA

    I love Starburst and the little twin packs for Halloween are great because most of the time one of them are the Cherry one which is my favorite. I open them all and make a pile of the cherry ones and then all others and if anyone walks near my desk and even attempts to touch those cherry ones they may get smacked. They can take ALL the strawberry ones as far as I care, but do NOT touch my cherry Starburst. LOL

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