Finally Quilting Again

Hello October!  Can you believe today is October 1st?  I can’t.  I’m not ready for October.  That means my baby turns 16 in 28 days!  And that’s just NOT right.

Today also marks the start of the Halloween Paper Pieced 2012 Blog Hop sponsored by Soma at Whims and Fancies.  The first block is super cute so make sure you stop by and check it out!  I’ll be presenting a block on October 12th.

I finally got back to work today.  I have a few pictures of the progress I made today on my quilt.  There’s not a lot but I’ll take more pictures once it’s finished.  My indoor lighting stinks so bear with me.  These aren’t the best pictures ever.

This is black fabric.  It’s a little washed out in the picture.  Cameras hate me.  I really need a photos for dummies book…

This is my favorite fabric!  I love the newspaper print.  I wish Timeless Treasures still sold it.  I would buy another bolt just for myself!  I used it for the backing too!


I’ve never quilted swirls like this before.  I think it’s turning out pretty good for a first attempt.  It’s always nice to quilt my own quilts…it gives me extra practice.

Thanks for having patience over the last couple of weeks.  I know I haven’t been very active here but I really felt terrible {worst cold ever!}.  I have lots planned for October so get ready for some fun!

5 thoughts on “Finally Quilting Again”

  1. I know this comment is to an old post but I wanted to tell you how much I like your swirly quilting. I like to quilt my own too, and you just gave me inspiration to try something different. I do lots of vines and leaves and also do feathers, but your swirls would fit in lots of places where those wouldn’t.

    Doro in TX

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