Pondering Something New

Welcome to hump day!  I hope you all are enjoying a fabulous Wednesday.  I’m rather enjoying the slightly cooler temps here in Texas and I’m anxiously awaiting the official arrival of fall.  Maybe that will happen in the next week or two.

Today’s post is a bit different than usual.  By now, some of you have probably figured out that my mother and I have an online fabric shop.  I don’t normally plug the store here on the blog because I view this as a place to share our projects and love of all things quilting & sewing.  I do occasionally link to products in our store, but that’s about the extent of the plugging.

So, here’s my question…would you all like me to share deals every now and then?  I have lots of bits & pieces from the end of bolts.  Some are small pieces and some are a yard or more.  What do you think?  Would be you all be interested in something like that maybe once a week?  I promise it wouldn’t be everyday.  I’m just trying to figure out how to give these bits & pieces new homes.  And who knows there might even be some freebies thrown in.

This is just one stack of bits & pieces that are looking for new homes.

I didn’t get much sewing done yesterday.  I was a little on the cranky side.  I signed up for something a couple weeks ago {which might not have been the best thing I ever did} and now I’m freaking out.  I might be in over my head.  I think I’m going to have to call in the expert….my mom!

I did get another quilt loaded.  Next up is a quilt designed by my daughter, Hannah.  You’ve seen this pattern before but in a different colorway.  I might just steal this one for myself but I think Hannah will fight me for it.

Let me know what you all think about the fabric.  I hope you all have a great afternoon!

23 thoughts on “Pondering Something New”

  1. I wouldnt mind. Those fabrics are yummy. I love your black and orange quilt. This is wonderful. I love the orange fabrics you chose. I love it that we can go to our moms for help. Mine died last year sept 24. I really miss talking to her.

  2. Why not have a special once a week? Sounds good to me, afterall you are in the biz and the reality is a business needs to function to survive. I say “go for it”!

  3. I certainly would not mind. Maybe come up with a cute name and do it on the same day every week? Where are you in Texas? I’m in Dallas (well, Richardson).

  4. I agree with everyone…..post them vicki! We are always looking for new goodies to add to our stashes! Your daughter’s pattern in those fabrics looks great!

  5. I am very new and my stash leaves a little to be desired! I am always looking for scrap bags and small cuts to add scrappiness to my quilts! Holland and let id know when u have such fun stuff!

  6. Yes! You absolutely should talk about the shop and deals and anything else that strikes your fancy! It is part of you and your sewing adventures and I personally want to hear about it all.

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