Not Much Sewing Today

Ok, so I’ll probably get hurt for sharing these pictures but I just can’t help myself.  But before I share, I need to wish my awesome husband a wonderful 40th birthday!  I made a delicious carrot cake for him {his favorite}.  If you are looking for a carrot cake recipe check out this recipe by Paula Deen.  It is super yummy and fat free of course…not!

Now for a little show and tell that will surely get me in big bad trouble!  My husband is an avid hunter {sorry Bambi} and he needed to modify his hunting blind.  He wanted more windows for more visibility.  I’m very proud that he wanted to do the sewing himself instead of having me do it.

He’s so cute…

So, he bought some camo net and added velcro to the edges.  Next he has to cut holes in the blind and add velcro so that the windows can be attached.  Check out his finished window below…

I hope you all are NOT looking in the background of these pictures!  My sewing area has exploded over the last 2 weeks.  I’ve been working on a design that’s in my head and I tend to be very messy when I’m having issues.

And I just noticed you can see Hannah’s toes in the above picture.  Too funny!  She decided to break out my old keyboard and add it to my messy area.  Just what every quilter needs…a keyboard on the end of the table.  She’s serenading her daddy while he sews.

In other good news, I only have 4 blocks left and then I’ll have all my blocks finished for the Sew Intertwined QAL.  Then I can get ready to put it all together.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of tonight.  Hopefully, my hubby won’t read the blog tonight {insert nervous laughter}.

9 thoughts on “Not Much Sewing Today”

  1. Hahaha, it is great to see that he does the sewing himself. I seem to get that task from my guy friends fixing tents, life-jackets, and whatever else they seem to mangle on our trips.

  2. I totally wasn’t looking in the background of those pictures til you called it out 😉 If only I could get my husband to try sewing, I’m sure he might have fun! (And no Bambis would be harmed!)

  3. I think it’s very nice your hubby hunts and Happy Birthday to him! I have hunters in my family, my hubby has been hunting since before your hubby was born. Now I’m aging myself! This year our 10 yr. old grandson is going with his Daddy. It’s wonderful to see. Do you cook your venison? I make many dishes with ours. They hunt in Northern CA. Nice to meet another hunting wife!

  4. Personally, I think the sunglasses on his head is the perfect touch!!! What’s wrong with your sewing room? Just because it doesn’t look like the set of a sewing show…just saying!!!

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