I Haven’t Fallen off the Face of the Earth…

I guess I should start by saying hello!  I’ve been a very bad blogger lately.  This summer has been very busy with traveling from to Texas to Missouri and back to Texas.  Then I loaded up the car and went back to Missouri.

As if that wasn’t enough driving, my hubby decided that I should meet him in Florida for a couple days.  So, off we went to Florida.  We had a great time but that meant a 15 hour trip back to Texas.  I don’t care to get back in my car for a very long time.  In total, we went over 2800 miles in 3 weeks…that’s way too much driving!

But now I’m back home and I’ve had a little break from sewing and blogging so I’m ready to get busy again.  Well almost ready.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my back again which stinks but I’m working through it.  I have to get another MRI Monday so I’m praying nothing major is wrong again.

Unfortunately, I do have a bit of sad news.  Today was a terrible day for mom and Gene.  They had to take their beautiful little toy poodle Murphy to the vet.  She was very sick and she didn’t make it.  My heart goes out to them during this terrible time.

Ok maybe now I can share some projects.  I was a month behind on my Stash Bee blocks but I finally got caught up.

Here’s my July block

Star String Block

And my August block…we weren’t supposed to sew the quadrants together so here’s a couple different options for putting it together.

I think that’s it for tonight.  I’m anxiously awaiting my hubby and 8 year old to get home from Florida.  They should be here any minute!

7 thoughts on “I Haven’t Fallen off the Face of the Earth…”

  1. Oh Vicki – I pray nothing terrible is wrong with your back. I have DDD so I feel your pain. Good luck! Your mom and Gene are in my thoughts, it is never easy to lose a member of the family.

    Glad you made it home safely from your travels! I’ve missed you and your amazing creations!!!

  2. Hi Vicki. I am glad you made it home okay from all your travels, but I am sorry you are having back troubles again. Do you think all that riding had anything to do with it? I hope everything goes great with the MRI.
    I am sorry to hear about your mom’s poodle. I know it is very hard to lose something you love.
    I am glad you are back. I have missed reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you create.Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Very glad you have got back safe with all that driving! And condolences to your Mom, and partner, for the loss of their poodle. Very hard.

    Thank you for making that beautiful block! It is amazing and gorgeous! I love the colours you have used.
    i am impressed with your string block too, It really shows what these blocks can be!

  4. Beautiful blocks and I love the addition of the selvage pieces! Sorry to hear about your mom and Gene’s dog and I also hope your back is sore just because you have been doing too much driving! Good to have you back!

  5. Your blocks are great…Welcome back to blogland. We completely understand Gene’s feelings. We had to put our smart, loyal and loving Border Collie down the first week of June.

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