Oh Happy Day!

I’m excited to announce I have finally finished all of my step mom’s quilts!  Can you see me doing my happy dance???  I hope not because I’m a terrible dancer!  I finished hand stitching the binding on the Pink Beast today!

Here are a couple pictures of the finished quilt.

I decided to use the pink batik that looks striped for the binding.  I love the way it turned out.
I get to deliver all 5 quilts sometime next week.  I hope she loves them all!
I would also like to say that living 24 hours without air conditioning makes for one super cranky Vicki.  Our AC went out yesterday and it wasn’t up and running until about 11AM today.  Boy was I an unhappy camper.  Thank goodness it seems to be fixed now and hopefully that will continue.  I know I’ll sleep much better tonight.

7 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!”

  1. Congrats on another beautiufl finish. Love the quilting you did and the binding is great.
    So sorry to hear about the temp’ loss of AC… glad it is back on and i hope it stays that way!

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