OLFA Circle Cutter Winner!

I know I’m a little late in posting the winner of our OLFA Circle Cutter.

In my defense I was pretty wiped out today after that long ride in the car yesterday.  We had a rocky start with Jake getting sick twice within the first 2 hours!  Yes, that’s right…sick!  I just knew we were in for a very long day but my little guy started feeling better after that.  Thank goodness!  He got pretty sick of me asking him every five minutes if he felt okay.  So, I finally stopped.  I didn’t want to drive him completely crazy.

Without further delay, our lucky winner is…number 88!

88. Sandysaid…
Your posts about the circle cutter really have made me want to own one. Great tutorial and tips. Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

Congrats Sandy!  I have emailed you to get your shipping information.  I hope you enjoy your OLFA Circle Cutter!
I wish I had more exciting stuff to share but I just didn’t get anything done today.  I’m hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “OLFA Circle Cutter Winner!”

  1. Congratulations Sandy! Since I didn’t win I went and ordered one from Amazon. I thought about ordering the die for my go cutter but this is much smaller and more versatile. I’m hoping to make a table topper like yours soon or maybe a baby quilt 🙂

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