Barn Quilt Contest

I had very good intentions of working on binding today but then I realized…I still need to file my TAXES!  {Face Palm!}  I would rather work on binding than work on taxes.  Unfortunately, it took me forever to get my tax stuff in order so no binding today.  Every year I think to myself I need to be more organized but does that happen?  Nope…it sure doesn’t.

On to more exciting news.  AccuQuilt recently accepted block designs for the 3rd Annual Barn Quilt Design Contest and I entered several designs.  Guess what?  Three of my blocks were chosen for the top 100 blocks!  I can’t believe it.  I’m too excited!

I sure would love it if you all would hop on over to AccuQuilt and vote for one or all of my blocks {insert big smile and batting of the eyelashes here}.

Here’s a look at my blocks that are up for votes…

Block 41
Block 46
Block 64


You vote once for your favorite top 5 blocks.  I sure would appreciate any votes that you want to throw my way.  Voting is open until April 18th.  Then the top 20 blocks will move on to the next round of voting.  Fingers crossed I make it that far.  I can’t decide if I like Block 41 or Block 64 the most.

I guess that’s it for now.  I need to go submit my tax return and maybe my headache will go away!

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  1. Congrats! I have a question. I made the top 100 as well but I didn’t realize it until I saw your blog post and went to check. Did they email you to let you know?

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