Zig Zagalicious…Rainbow Table Topper

I finally finished my entry for Project Quilting hosted by Kim at Kim’s Crafty Apple.  Project Quilting challenges have to be completed in one week.  This particular challenge was all about zig zags.  This was my first time to participate and I had lots of stressful fun.
I went back and forth for 2 days trying to come up with something.  I even had my husband sketching ideas.  We had nothing.  I eventually put my pencil down and decided to give up.  Then a light bulb went off and an idea was born.  My first attempt was never finished because I hated the colors.  Next idea, rainbow colors.  I had to dig and dig to find 16 different colors.  I eventually had all my pieces cut and started sewing…
Here’s the front…
And a bit of the back…
It measures 18″ x 40″ and was a big pain in my…  Uh, I mean I had lots of fun making it.  Seriously, I think I gave up at least 5 times, telling myself it was useless.  But I kept hearing my husband’s voice saying “We’re not quitters…we finish what we start…blah blah blah!”  That voice was super annoying.
The quilting is very simple because I did it on my regular machine.  I just echo stitched the rainbow strips.


I tried to make it a little interesting by using contrasting thread.  Orange thread on the red and pink strips, pink thread on the orange and yellow strips, etc…I did figure out a couple things during this process…

  • I do not work well under deadlines when it comes to quilting
  • I’m not crazy about spray adhesives {I skipped pinning my sandwich and sprayed it to death with adhesive}
  • I do not like using my Pfaff to quilt
  • I am terrible at naming projects…my daughter named this one.  Can you tell?

I think I’m pretty spoiled now by Roscoe {my Gammill}.  He sure makes quilting a lot easier!

I really did enjoy finishing this runner.  I just second guessed myself to death on this project.  Maybe next time it will be a little easier and I won’t be a big ball of stress.

I hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the weekend and has a great week!

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