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Today marks the beginning of the Blog Hop Giveaway hosted by Michele from Quilting Gallery!  The complete list of participating blogs will be posted just after midnight Saturday March 17th!  Have fun hopping…all giveaways are open until March 23rd!

To all you blog hoppers visiting us for the first time…Welcome!  I hope you enjoy having a look around our blog.  We welcome international participants!

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
I have a nice surprise…I’m going to offer two options for the prize.  The winner gets to pick which prize they would like.

Option 1…The Lil Twister Ruler and a Let’s Twist Pattern book!

Option 2…The Amazing Nickel Quilts Pattern Book {includes 11 patterns designed for charms} and a Moda Salt Air charm pack to get you started!

You must be follower of our blog to be eligible to win.
~Here’s how to enter~
{You do not have to do each of these…as long as you follow our blog and leave a comment you are eligible to win.  We simply like to give you ways to earn extra entries}
Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite candy
(one entry)
Become a follower on Pinterest…make sure you leave us a
comment so we know that you did
(one entry)
Find us on facebook and friend us or like us…make sure you leave us a
comment so we know that you did
(one entry)
The giveaway ends on Friday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM (CST).
The winner will be randomly selected and announced on
Saturday, March 24th.  The winner will be contacted by email.

Please make sure you leave a comment for each entry.  For example, if you friend us on facebook and follow us on Pinterest you should leave 2 separate comments.  If you already follow us on facebook or Pinterest …just comment that you currently follow.  Also, it is important that we know who you are.  If you leave an anonymous comment we won’t have a way to notify you.

323 thoughts on “Blog Hop Giveaway”

  1. ANything with caramel! Yum. Or just plain caramel. Or caramel on an apple. Or even just smelling caramel. I love caramel! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I would love to win the Let’s Twist set, as I’m sure I have a couple books already that have to do with Nickel quilting. I really like the Dutch Licorice: sweet or salty, bring it on.

  3. I ‘like’ you on Facebook. Thank you for the great giveaway. I would choose #2 since I have been in love with that fabric for a long time and already have the twister.

  4. My favorite candy is DOVE chocolates. No additions, just the simple dark chocolate can put a smile on most anyones face.

    Happy day to you too…Kcg

  5. Choosing a favorite candy is a tough thing to do— because I LOVE chocolate so much!! 😉 So, if it’s okay, can I choose 3? If so, then my favorites are Almond Joy, Peanut M & M’s, and Zero Bars!!! Yum!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win!! Choosing one of your prizes would be a tough choice too– they’re both wonderful! 🙂

  6. I am a follower. I love jelly beans however since I had weight loss surgery sugar makes me sick. I mean really sick so I don’t touch the stuff. And jelly beans are like potato chips you can’t eat just one.

  7. Hi! I am a follower!
    My favorite candy would be the Royal of all, chocolate! If it is minted or with caramel, BONUS!
    I think the Twister package would be great too!
    Thanks for the giveaways!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. I have such a sweet tooth I love almost every kind of candy; Reese’s would be near the top though. Thanks for chance to win! (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  9. I am now a follower.
    I don’t do facebook or pinterest.
    I will tell you my favorite candy is chocolate covered cashews. Not sure if that is really a candy or not but I do love them.
    thanks for a chance.

  10. I am a new follower and would love to win the second prize, the nickel quilts book. My favorite candy are those caramels with the white cream in the center. I have no idea what they are called!

  11. I’m a candy lover – I really like Sour Patch Kids. But since Easter is right around the corner – and so is a homemade candy shop (1.5 blocks away) – I like maple filled chocolate Easter eggs. Yummy!

  12. Hershey’s special dark chocolate is my favorite candy. I now follow your blog through networked blogs under my mother’s name, Margaret W. Our avatar is the butterfly.

  13. I am a new follower to your blog. I come from Western Canada and have been quilting for awhile now. I have seen the L’il Twister pattern before and have been thinking about buying it. It would be very fun to win it.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Hope you get lots of new visitors.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  14. I friended you on my face book page. I forgot to tell you that my favorite candy is peppermint patties followed closely by Jujubes.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize.
    Regards from Western Alberta,

  15. My favorite candy is peanut butter cups. I’m a new follower – can’t wait to see more of your blog. Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Reeses are my favorites, although I don’t eat them anymore. I gave up sugar several years ago. My new sugar ‘candy’ is fabrics!! LOL. I am a new follower. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  17. my favorite candy is strong black licorice from Denmark, I miss it!! none of this tame red licorice or what they call black licorice here in the US…. no it has to be so strong that you feel it in your ears when you bite into it! LOL
    my stash ran out, so I have to wait a looong time now 🙁

  18. red licorice twists has been my downfall for a loooooooong time. Thanks for the opportunity. I would love the Nickels wuilt patter book and charm pack. Here’s hoping

  19. I am a new follower for your blog but I will return again after I am done entering all of the giveways listed on the Blog Hop Party. I really need the luck of the Irish because you have 2 really nice giveways. I just want to take time to thank you for your participation in the Blog Hop Party.

    Sandi T.

  20. I’m a new follower, and my favorite candy is Mini Robins Eggs, which is sort of tragic, because they are not available year-round, only around Easter, so I spend 9 months a year missing them!

  21. I am also following you on FB and soo hoping that I have to decide which awesome prize up there to pick! 🙂 thanks for the chances!

  22. Ummm favorite candy? I love milk chocolate and peanut butter so Reeses’ is good. I sometimes freeze the bite size candies in my freezer.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win. I love your two giveaway options, both are super gifts.


  23. I have just become a follower. Now to tell you about my favourite candy. My daughter recently visited New York and brought Reeces Peanutbutter cups home for us. Now I am addicted to them and yes we can get them here in Australia from time to time!
    @ Bits ‘n Bobs

  24. I also like you on facebook. You don’t have as much stuff on the company page though – so maybe I will go “friend” you now too!

  25. I am also following you on pinterest – such a great place to get ideas. I would love the book and salt air charm pack! thanks for the chance to win – great giveaway!

  26. Reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorite candy. When I was a kid, I used to imagine how wonderful it would be if the den in my parents’ home was completely filled with a giant peanut butter cup. I thought how delicious it would be to “eat my way into the room.” Yeah — I was a weird kid!

  27. Let’s see I follower via GFC.
    I love having frozen M&M’s while I’m quilting.

    I would love a chance to win the nickle book and charm pack.

    Thank you for the chance.


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