Thread Emergency!

Day 2 of spring break brings about a thread emergency!  I planned on quilting today but I think my plans are quickly changing.  I have a quilt loaded and ready to go and guess what…not enough thread to finish it.  I found what I need online so I’ll be placing an order today.  Hopefully it won’t take too long to get the thread.
My goal is to get this quilt finished before the end of the month.  I know that sounds easy but this thing is huge, measuring in at 81″ x 108.”  In the beginning, I nicknamed it the Pepto quilt {I bet you can’t guess why} but I’ve changed it to The Pink Beast.  It will probably take me 2 or 3 days to quilt it because I still have issues standing for long periods of time.  Gotta love bad backs and back surgery!  Then I have to bind it…I wish I had a binding fairy.
Here’s a peek at the quilt while it patiently awaits quilting
Now I get to pick something else to work on.  I think I might add borders to my recently pieced appliquéd top.  I can’t wait to get it finished and show you pictures of the whole top.  I’m pretty happy with this one.  It just might be one of my favorites.
I used the Amelia Collection by Me and My Sister, Moda white and I sprinkled in a few other Moda solids.  Don’t you just love the stray threads that show up in the picture.  My inspiration for this quilt was very unusual.  I’ll share all that info when I post about it after it’s finished.  You won’t believe it!
And of course, I have a ton of pattern ideas cluttering my brain.  I really hate to start any more quilts right now but I just can’t wait to see my ideas come to fruition.  Maybe I need help!  I know my husband thinks I need help.
A great big thank you to all who have entered our current giveaway!  We’ve had a great response and appreciate all our new friends!  And remember, another blog hop giveaway starts Friday!  I haven’t decided on what we should put up for grabs…any suggestions?  Fabric?  Thread?  Ruler?  Pattern?  One billion dollars?  That last one is just to see who’s paying attention!

6 thoughts on “Thread Emergency!”

  1. uhh the pepto looks awesome.
    too bad about the thread. I try now to gauge if I’m running low and order it before I start so just in case I run out then the package is on it’s way, most of my thread colors now I have two cones of each, that also helps a lot 🙂

  2. Your Pepto looks beautiful and I can see a glimpse of your fabrics! I want a better peek! Can’t wait to see your applique with the Amelia fabric, it looks so neat! I would definitely say go with the billion dollars….or split up and let a bunch of people win a million!

  3. I love the pink beast and of course I already love the sneak peak of the quilt you showed with Amelia, I’m pretty sure I would like every quilt made with Me & My Sister fabrics 🙂 I would say a tool, but that is because I love tools, they are so much fun and always lead to new quilt designs!

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