On-Point Quilts

Let me start by asking…is it really Wednesday???  That can only mean one thing ~ spring break is half over!  That means it’s almost time to go back to getting up at 6:15AM.  Booooo!  Alright I’m done whining.

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I’ve been a little ornery and teasing everyone with the partial pictures of my appliqué blocks and I have to say I’m rather enjoying it.  I finished the borders today and I’m almost ready to post pictures.  Actually, I could’ve posted pictures today if it hadn’t been super duper windy and cloudy.

One more peek just because I love it so much…

Let’s talk for a minute about on-point quilts.  This was my first ever quilt {my own design} that was set on-point and it took a little research to figure out those pesky setting triangles.

I found a very helpful website that I thought I would share with you.  Bonnie, from Quiltville, walks you through the math but she also provides an easy-to-follow table at the bottom.  I skimmed over the math explanation and then jumped to the table.  I was extremely nervous about my first on-point quilt but everything fit together perfectly!

I might be a little weird but I just love this fabric collection, Tippy Toes by Henry Glass.  It’s scheduled to release in June.  This is 5 of the 20 available prints.

I love it because I’m a shoe freak!  I would totally buy zebra high heels…they would look really cute next to my cheetah high heels.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


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