The No Name Applique Quilt

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying the Blog Hop Giveaway that’s currently underway!  Make sure you check out our giveaway and enter before midnight March 23rd!  I know I’ve been blog hopping like a little cracked out leprechaun!  Who knows…I might get lucky and win something.

I figure it’s time to share the coveted appliqué quilt.  This is going to go one of two ways…you all will be super impressed and really like it or all of the hype and anticipation will be met with disappoint.  Gosh I hope it’s option number one!

Here goes nothing…
My little helper had to help hold the quilt.  We were having hurricane force winds that day!
I have terrible lighting inside but I wanted a picture where the quilt wasn’t blowing like a kite!
The most interesting part of this quilt was my inspiration.  Have you seen the commercials for the Cottonelle Toilet Paper covers?  Well…here’s the one I saw and thought to myself “I could make that a quilt!”
Not too bad if I do say so myself.  Now I need to find the time to quilt it.  I’m not sure when that will happen!  I still need a name for it…I’m terrible at naming quilts.
I hope you all enjoyed getting to see this one.  And I hope it wasn’t a huge disappointment after all the teasing.
As I love to tell mom…”Break’s Over!  Time to get back to work!”

30 thoughts on “The No Name Applique Quilt”

  1. Definitely option number 1 for me. That quilt is awesome! I want one just like it!! Very cool and the inspiration it came from is fantastic. I agree with a previous comment, you can call it “Back Up” or perhaps “On The Roll”

  2. I was curious to see the final quilt after your little teaser pictures. It is very pretty makes me think of Christmas ornaments. Even though the insiration is not a Christmas item

  3. This quilt is stunning, and I don’t care where you got your inspiration from! 🙂 Actually, I was wondering if you would be selling the pattern so we could make one too!
    ~ Lynda

  4. Vicki I would love this pattern I think it would make a beautiful Christmas Quilt Pattern with reds and greens it would look like Christmas ornaments it would be just beautiful

    Mary H

  5. Vicki – this is stunning — I love how you duplicated the design and the colors/fabric choices are perfect! Although it was designed for the roll, I think it should have a more majestic name. “Topsy Turvy” comes to mind — but that’s not majestic enough. How about “Spun with Love” or “Love Spun” or “Spinning in Love”…. I like the “love” part… lol

    Just love it !

    Thanks for sharing.

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